A film by Gilles Corre
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France 2000, 80 min., colour, OV (English)
Format: DV Cam/Beta SP

Photography: Pierre Noguès
Stills: Jean-François Laberine
Sound/Editing: Sylvain Luini
Mixing: Fabrice Gares
Production: Doc ad Hoc, Frankreich

Premiered at Biarritz Film Festival (FIPA), January 2000
(Awarded with the Golden FIPA)

Festival Résistance (Tarsacon-s-Ariège), Les Ecrans du Documentaire (Gentilly),
Festival International de Films de Femmes (Créteil), Jazz sur son 31 (Toulouse),
Marciac Jazz Festival, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya (Sitgès),
Woodstock Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Minneapolis Film Festival,
Vision Festival of NYC, Mediawave (Hungary), Festival of Point-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe),
Interplay!Berlin (2006), Total Music Meeting (2007), Waht Makes Music Laugh? (2009)
TV-Ausstrahlung: ARTE 2001/2003, TV Sveriges (Sveden), TROS TV (The Netherlands),
SF DRS (Switzerland)

There are more and more women musicians involved in jazz music today. WOMEN IN JAZZ portrays 22 of them, some well known, others less so, who set out to brave the New York jungle and make a name for themselves in the Jazz Hall of Fame. Apart from the superb soundtrack played live by this excellent line-up of musicians, this documentary explores their feelings about ethnicity and gender, from these who adopt full-on feminist stances to those who, by contrast, just play without paying and heed to sexist attitudes in the traditionally male dominated realm of jazz music. Also it provides a overwhelming testimony to their talent and creative spirit as well their historical importance in the development of jazz.
Jazz is no longer the men´s club that it might seem to be !
Production note
The Musicians
22 female musicians filmed in concerts, rehearsals, music classes, recording studios or at their home, mostly in New York City.

In order of appearance:

Susie Ibarra (percussionist): at the Tonic Bar in Manhattan
Magali Souriau (pianist, leader of a big-band): interview and rehearsal at the Birdland
Ellen Christi (vocalist): at home near Central Park and concert at the Tonic Bar
Elizabeth Panzer (harpist): at Ellen Christi's, rehearsal in studio & concert at the Tonic
Jayne Cortez (poet): interview and rehearsal at the Harmolodic' studio in Harlem
Akua Dixon-Turre (celloist, leader of the Quartet Indigo): filmed on a roof in Manhattan and at the Queens Library
Miri Ben Ari (violonist): concert with Mark Whitfield at the Zinc Bar
Myra Melford (pianist): interview at home in Brooklyn, and concert at the Tonic Bar
Miya Masaoka (koto): concert at the Tonic Bar
Ingrid Jensen (trumpeter): concert with Victor Lewis at the Birdland and interview at Oskar´s, a French restaurant in Brooklyn
Elise Wood (flutist): rehearsal with John Hicks (piano) at home and concert at the Sweet Basil
Virginia Mayhew (saxophonist): concert at the Garage
Maria Schneider (composer, leader of a big-band): filmed in Barcelona (Spain) and at Central Park
Rosetta Reitz (jazz historian): interview at home in Manhattan
Jazzberry Jam ! (A dynamic trio of pioneers whose spectacular ability to communicate with each other produces the best in musical improvisation, and informs the audience of their humour and humanity. This unique quality allows Jazzberry Jam! to introduce their special blend of sound to audiences all over the world.)
Interview and rehearsal in a recording studio, featuring Bertha Hope (piano), Kim Clarke (bass), ´Sweet´ Sue Terry (sax), Paula Hampton (drums)
Marilyn Crispell (pianist): in studio and at home in Woodstock
Jane Ira Bloom (saxophonist): rehearsal and interview at home, near Central Park
Sylvia Cuenca (percussionist): rehearsal in a recording studio in Brooklyn.
Jeanne Lee (vocalist): interview and rehearsal in Toulouse (France)

Gilles Corre
Born in 1954 in Brest (France). After a PHD in Linguistics and French Literature he studied cinematography at IDHEC in Paris. Now a resident of Toulouse, Gilles Corre is an independent filmmaker, a specialist in the field of documentaries, and a photographer.


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