Peter Kowald's US tour 2000
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Author, director, camera & sound Laurence Petit-Jouvet
Editor: Laurence Petit-Jouvet, Nicole Seres
Producer: Jean-Pierre Bailly

Co-Produced by:
MCM Classique Jazz-Muzzik, MC4, SF DRS
Supported by: Centre National de la Cinématographie, PROCIREP

First released:

France 2001

72 minutes, colour, engl. version

Peter Kowald

double bass
Anna Homler
Cheryl Banks-Smith
Stephen Boyle
Alvin Fielder
Edward ´Kidd´ Jordan
Oluyemi Thomas
George Lewis
James Coleman
Edgar Um Bucholtz
Dana Reason
India Cooke
Catherine Schlingmann
Dirk Schlingmann
Susan Alcorn
Drew Rydberg
Damon Smith  
Hans Fjellestad
Jason Robinson
Jonathan Lamaster
Günter ´Baby´ Sommer  
Floros Floridis  
Pamela Z
Miya Masaoke
Gino Robair
Marcel Diallo
Eddie Gale
Donald Robinson
Marco Eneidi
Jerry J. Marshall
Hamid Drake  
Fred Anderson
Yves Musard
Assif Tsahar  
Rashied Ali  
Jay Bailey
William Parker

The film OFF THE ROAD was made on and around Kowald´s extended tour of the US in 2000. Following his journey around the country in an old Chevrolet Caprice, the film is a sort of ´free improvised road movie´ featuring meetings with not only a caleidoscope of characters from out-of-the-mainstream America, but also meeting with many of the great names of Free Music.

At the same time it is a homage to Peter Kowald, whose sudden death on September 21, 2002 shocked the musical community.

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