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Alan Silva synthesizer
Johannes Bauer trombone
Roger Turner drumset & percussion
# 1:
Tone 51:21

Composed and played by Alan Silva (AICP/SDRM), Johannes Bauer (GEMA), Roger Turner (PRS)
Recorded live @ ´Free Music Festival XXVIII`, Zuidpool Theatre, in Antwerp, Belgium, on August 04, 2001
Recording engineer: Michael W. Huon (Odeon Mobile Recording Unit)
Mixed @ Odeon 120 the Right Place, Brussels, by Michael W. Huon and Johannes Bauer
Mastered by Michael W. Huon
Artwork (Memory): Roger Turner
Photo: Marlene Kluge-Haberkorn
Design: Klaus Untiet (wppt:kommunikation)
Font/Type: Hans Reichel
Executive producer: Helma Schleif
© a/l/l

First release date: August 20, 2002 (Berlin)

Tradition: The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, etc. from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice.

Ten years after its beginnings The Tradition Trio (T.T.T.) manifests with this new release, recorded live during the Free Music Festival in Antwerp in 2001, its enormous creative potential and vitality, setting the tone ´in the tradition´.

Alan Silva (USA/France)
Born Jan. 29, 1939, Free Art and Music pioneer, founder & artistic director of I.A.C.P. (Institute for Art, Culture and Perception) in Paris´74 -´90. Cooperation and records with Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Sunny Murray, Karl Berger, Archie Shepp, Bill Dixon, Frank Wright Quartet, Center of the World, Globe Unity Orchestra, Schlippenbach Quartet, Celestial Communication Orchestra, T.T.T., and others. Currently working on multi-media installations.
Lives in Paris.

Johannes Bauer (Germany)
Born July 22, 1954 in Halle/Saale. Studied music in Berlin. Since 1979 freelance improvising musician and leader of several workshop bands. Performances amongst others with the Manfred Schulze Bläserquintet, Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band, Doppelmoppel (with C.Bauer, U.Kropinski, J. Sachse), Slawterhaus (with J. Rose, P. Hollinger, D. Diesner), Fred Van Hove Trio (with Annick Nozati), Globe Unity Orchestra, Tony Oxley Orchestra, Peter Brötzmann März Combo, Barry Guy New Orchestra, Cecil Taylor European Orchestra, FOURinONE (with L. Houtkamp, D. Manderscheidt, M. Blume), T.T.T.
Lives in Berlin.

Roger Turner (England)
Grew up amongst the Canterbury music life of the 1960´s with a strong broad jazz root.
Since 1974 work was primarily concentrated on exploring a more personal percussion language through the process of improvisation. Solo work, collaborations with experimental rock musics & open-form song, extensive work with dance, film and photo-projection, involvements in numerous jazz-based ensembles, & workshop residencies have formed part of that development. Mostly, however, the pleasures & discoveries have been in music-making with many of the finest European & international musicians in ad hoc & group improvising collaborations. Tours & concerts have been throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico & the Far East. Working currently in Konk Pack ( with Tim Hodgkinson & Thomas Lehn), the Recedents ( with Lol Coxhill & Mike Cooper), the T.T.T., the Phil Minton Quartet, The New Flags (with Wolfgang Fuchs & Xu Feng-Xia),the duos with John Russell, Phil Minton... etc. Has recorded over 35 CD´s & LP´s.
Lives in London.

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