Floridis - Petrovic - Nikolic

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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : ANO KATO Records 2014
Floros Floridis soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, voice
Miloš Petrovic piano, prepared piano, voice
Veljko `Papa Nik´ Nikolic percussion, daul, geremba, whistles & voice
01. May (Miloš Petrovic) 03:56
02. 4 beats in my heart (Miloš Petrovic) 09:46
03. Syrtis Major (Floros Floridis) 04:10
04. One and a half (Floros Floridis) 06:23
05. Strange sounds rhapsody (Veljko `Papa Nik´ Nikolic) 07:01
06. Oh, my life (Veljko `Papa Nik´ Nikolic) 03:56
07. Moving wagon (Floros Floridis) 07:05
Dudovic plastic birds (Veljko `Papa Nik´ Nikolic) 04:42
Total time:  46:59

Recorded and mixed by Christos Megas on May 24-26, 1996 at ‚Agrotikon' Studios. Produced by ANO KATO Records (Greece)
Cover painting: Floros Floridis
Layout: Floros Floridis, D. Milosis
Executive producer: Floros Floridis

Greek sax and clarinet player Floros Floridis comes up with a new CD on ANO KATO, accompanied by ex-Yugoslavia´s most famous musicians Milos Petrovic on piano and Velco Nicolic or Papa Nick on percussions and voice.

As George Charonitis wrote (Jazz Magazine): “The music on this CD speaks an international dialect and addresses the listener in the same international manner, with songwriting and dance forms that cover a wide range. It is at the very point where contemporary jazz originates from the best qualities that spring from the body of popular music. … Petrovic´s piano is narrative, tracing its base from the entire jazz heritage. Papa Nick´s percussion also carries a long tradition with it. As for Floros Floridis, he creates a different story with every instrument: He captures a historical flexibility on the clarinet, he retains the maximum jazz inventiveness on the soprano sax, his bass clarinet playing is particularly sensitive. Every piece leaves a sense of fulfilment behind…

Listen to ´May´, feel the moving and proud voices of the instruments on ´Oh, my life´, try to catch the rhythms in ´Moving wagon´, and you will understand why this edge of the world, the Balkans, never stop growing free spirits and sensitive people.

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