26 statements on the situation
Floridis - Kowald - Sommer

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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : ANO KATO Records 2015
Floros Floridis alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Peter Kowald double bass, voice
Günter Baby Sommer drums, percussion
Aphorism I - XXVI
Total time:  40:19

All compositions by Floros Floridis (AEPI), Peter Kowald (GEMA), Günter Baby Sommer (GEMA)
Recorded and mixed by Christos Megas on February 26-27, 1997 and on April 14, 1997 at ‚Agrotikon' Studios.
Produced by ANO KATO Records (Greece)
Cover painting: Floros Floridis
Layout: Floros Floridis, D. Milosis
Executive producer: Floros Floridis

One more international collaboration for the ANO KATO catalogue, and, as we believe, a very important one for all jazz listeners.
26 contemporary jazz compositions, so dynamic, inventive and full of rhythms and melodies, that will ´open up´ your heart and mind.
The term ´Aphorisms´ was first used by Hippocrates to design a series of propositions concerning the symptoms and diagnosis of disease and the art of healing. The first aphorism runs as follows: “ Life is short, art long, occasion sudden and dangerous, experience deceitful and judgment difficult. Neither is it sufficient that the physician is ready to do what has to be done, but the sick, and the attendants (…) must be prepared and made fit for business.”
The term then was gradually applied to the principles of other fields and finally to any statement generally accepted as true.

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