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Carlos Bechegas acoustic flute, voice
All compositions by Carlos Bechegas (SPA)
Recorded in the winter of 1996
Mastered by Joaquim P. Jacobetty & Carlos Bechegas
Design: Gonçalo Calheiros
Photography: Pedro Martins
First released in 1998
Excerpt from the booklet :
Having chosen the effects and contemporary techniques of flute playing used in classical composition during the last few decades both as a working basis and a leitmotiv, I proposed to explore in this record the lesser known features of said instrument, a dimension not so soft and oniric as encountered in the traditional repertoire. Getting hold of this rich material and transferring it to the universe of improvisation, the objective search for other expressive possibilities of the instrument was a challenge which, embodied in countless takes, contributed to broaden both my language and vocabulary. The working process and methodology centered, on one hand, upon a researching attitude privileging the discovery of new territories and forms of interpretation and, on the other hand (…) upon the successive exploration of different materials and techniques organized by thematic sections.
As the title FLUTE LANDSCAPES aims to express, the conceptual and structuring profile of this record is characterized by a multiplicity of flute ´landscapes´, suggested along the sequence of themes in intentionally short and contrasted images, in their organization and content - flashes, impressions, registers of a multifarious life-story -, heterodox images which are the product of an investment in the plasticity of sound, in the possible metamorphosis of timbre, in the use of the voice in sentences of abstract configuration due to the dense sequence of various effects and contemporary techniques. (…)
FLUTE LANDSCAPES embodies a proposal based on the organic roughness of the instrument, on the morphology of sound and on an obsessive intention to discover … new landscapes.
Carlos Bechegas
(…) Carlos Bechegas acknowledges the influence upon his practice of Evan Parker or Derek Bailey, conceptual language marked by a lesser spontaneity, by a despise of swing or blues intonation´s essenciality, characteristic of many freejazzers. Thus he establishes himself as one of the most reputed improvisators of the Portuguese musical scene.
Manuel Guimarães

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