Kowald & Smith
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Peter Kowald double bass
Damon Smith double bass
1 & 2
Broken Mirrors April 28th, 2000 31:36
Reflections on April 28th, 2000 (1-7) 03:41
Total time:  60:37

1 & 2 Live recording by Jim Ryan 4/28/00 at gallery 2310, Oakland, CA
(This is one piece, index point is for convenience only)

3-9 recorded by Myles Boisen 5/3/00 @ Headless Buddha Studio, Oakland, CA
All tracks mastered by Myles Boisen
Produced by Damon Smith/Peter/ Peter Kowald
Executive producer: Scott Herbert
Cover drawing: Peter Kowald
Design: Kowald and Jürgen Schäfer (for Arakawa)
Balance Point Acoustics, USA 2001

First release date: April 2001

Creative music par excellence
This CD, pairing German master, Peter Kowald, and the fiery young bay area bassist, Damon Smith, is an extraordinary example of what can happen when two improvisers are also virtuoso listeners. (…) This is testimony to their accurate hearing and ability to make split-second decisions which result in maintaining their individual lines. (…) A highly spirited conversational approach that is exhilarating and most engaging. (…)
Creative music for the new millennium, par excellence!

Bert Turetzky, Del Mar, April 2001

Peter Kowald: Balance and paradox
When I first heard Kowald it was like a hand reaching across the globe and redirecting my life. (…) Peter presented the endless possibilities of the double bass with an amazing balance of clarity and mystery. (…) Playing with him for the first time here, was the most important thing in my life to date, with his masterful ears, experience and his generous spirit it was also the easiest thing I´ve ever done. Thanks Peter!

Damon Smith, Oakland, April 2001

We obviously do mirror each other. (…) Recently I saw a drawing of Man Ray, ´Broken Mirrors´ 1932. (…) Broken mirrors don´t reflect things with a straight or plane view, but rather in particles, from various angles, out of different positions and in different directions… and this is what we try to do with sounds, rhythms, particles of melody, all kind of musical materials. The idea of dust/no dust on mirrors comes out of the Zen teachings, that is that. When Damon and I met in these days in April 2000 and played, it didn´t feel like too much dust being around. (…) So we say: " Mirrors - broken but no dust".

Peter Kowald, Wuppertal, April 2001

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