Live in Milwaukee and Chicago

Reichel - Cora
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Tom Cora cello, cellodax
Hans Reichel guitars, daxophone
Rest up, premonitions 19:39
Miracles, to boot 18:38
New neighbors 13:01
Invitations to dance 08:59
Total time:  60:17

All compositions by Tom Cora and Hans Reichel
Recorded by Paul Gaudynski on October 23, 1988 at the ´Woodland Pattern´, Milwaukee (# 1 + 2) and by Leo Krumpholz on October 21, 1988 at the ´Southend Musicworks, Chicago (# 3 + 4).
Produced by Jost Gebers
Layout: Hans Reichel

Liner notes: Alex Varty (Vancouver)

First published in October 1989
Excerpt from the booklet:
(…) If mutation is an integral part of evolution then CORA and REICHEL are mutagenic agents working to further the evolution of sound. Changing the shape of his instrument, REICHEL has produced a series of sculptural guitars whose possibilities add now dimensions of underwater and aetherial sonorities to the basic vocabulary: with Frith and Frisell , he is one of a handful of contemporary guitarists who have been able to add to the revolutionary contributions made by Bailey and Hendrix in the sixties. CORA´s cello is, likewise, not a scared object meant only to be approached by the properly reverential, dressed in formal attire, but, quite literally, a sounding board for all sorts of unusual concepts. His use of cello-resonated devices allows him to amplify any number of small sounds, that, alone, might seem insignificant, but that become laden with meaning and import when expanded and passed through this vessel of tradition. And REICHEL´s daxophone, a deceptive simple yet fiendishly ingenious set of small sculptures, lends itself to the even more outlandish transfigurations, as bits of bowed and otherwise manipulated wood give out with the voices of an operatic diva, a wailing clarinet, a flock of waterfowl.
Listening to these recordings, it is possible to imagine all sorts of things, but the easiest thing to imagine is also the only one that is untrue. One´s ears are not being deceived: all of these sounds exist in, and have been produced in, real time. Only the most basic electronic assistants have been used; there are no high-priced samplers, no forty-eight-track sleights of hand here. Using the simplest of ingredients, sound, time, and imagination, TOM CORA and HANS REICHEL have produced a world unlike any other, and now it is your turn to wander freely in it.
Alex Varty (Vancouver, B.C.)

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