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Fuchs - Katzer
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Wolfgang Fuchs (*1) sopranino sax, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Georg Katzer (*2) computer, live electronics
Spectral (*2) 12:52
Link (*2) 23:49
Vicious (*1) 09:48
Confrontation (*1) 24:32
Total time:  71:04

All pieces taped as played
Recorded by Jost Gebers on June 24, 1989 at the FMP Studio Berlin.
Produced by Jost Gebers
Jost Gebers and Helma Schleif (Cover)
Liner notes: Hanno Rempel

First published in August 1990
Excerpt from the booklet:
"My use of computers in the programming of compositions led to the development of improvisation models. The result of my work was a programme in which the computer becomes the control panel for a synthesizer. In this way all musical parameters can be influenced. If a certain part of the programme is activated it plays the tonal sequences I specify. A random selector ensures constant variation. We can control the range and direction of variation by giving the computer new instructions. If, for example, the programme produces repetitions of sound, instructions can be given for each cycle as far as speed, tone colour, pitch, etc. The flexibility of the programme as a whole makes it possible to improvise even when playing with other improvising musicians. The signals they produce can be electronically manipulated by special effect equipment so that they blend with the sound of the synthesizer" (Georg Katzer). (...)
Compared with electronic music, where only electronically produced sounds were stored on tape, FUCHS´ and KATZER´s style leans on tradition - in a creative sense rather than in a conventional, conservative one. (...) This reverting to traditional forms does not constitute a step backwards - their eyes are firmly fixed on the road ahead. Thus new forms are created - a new kind of music which embraces the imaginative playing of, and playing with a machine -a new quality of sound is created by the electronic processing of instrumental sounds which stands out clarity from a purely electronic as well as from a purely instrumental one.
This kind of music/historical feedback has many historical precedents. The Vienna classics Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven were influenced in their later works by the polyphony of Johann Sebastian Bach and previous eras. Arnold Schönberg, in turn, was influenced by the polyphony of the Vienna classics. In each case something new was created - the historic tradition which influenced Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven led via Schönberg to Anton Webern. The Free Jazz of the early sixties was successful partly because it lent heavily on the Blues tradition. Europe´s Improvised Music would be inconceivable without the tradition of the E-music of the twenties.
The secret of encouraging new developments by borrowing from tradition is really the creative transformation of musical and spiritual principles in general to the Here and Now. It does not consist (primarily) of varying or even copying stylistic patterns.
FUCHS and KATZER invented neither the live electronic structures and methods nor the alienation of natural instrumental sounds. They do, however, represent this kind of music at its best. (...)
WOLFGANG FUCHS´ and GEORG KATZER´s music is not an experiment. It is a result - even if this result embodies an everchanging process; and above all it is of extraordinary beauty - a beauty of a new dimension.
Hanno Rempel
Translation: Margaret Neuendorf

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