Trio Trabant a Roma
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Lindsay Cooper bassoon, electronic effects, sopranino sax, piano
Alfred 23 Harth alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet,melodika, casio cz 1000
Phil Minton voice, piano
Orbital tent 20:46
Et all ways Budapest 05:06
Main movies et negentropical territories 23:28
Strasbourg et amor trans ´n´dance 08:46
Beyond cut 05:57
Total time:  64:03

All music by Lindsay Cooper, Alfred 23 Harth, Phil Minton
Recorded live October 1991 at 'Dieselstrasse', Esslingen
Produced by Jost Gebers and Alfred 23 Harth
Photos: Dagmar Gebers

Liner notes: Thomas Rothschild

First published in January 1994
Excerpt from the booklet:
Anything that can be said about Albert Mangelsdorff and his trombone is maybe even more true of ALFRED 23 HARTH and his saxophone: He uses his instrument to tell stories. (...) He takes his listeners with him on his journeys, but does not tell them beforehand what awaits them and what they should expect. He astounds them - and sometimes seems to be astounded himself - with the music his instrument and his performances with various carefully chosen partners produces.
ALFRED 23 HARTH has an affinity to dadaism which makes itself apparent in his anarchistic views, and in the choice of witty, and often obscure titles for his pieces and in the names of the groups he plays with. (…) The reason why the group featured on this CD is called TRIO DE TRABANT A ROMA, for example, remains a complete mystery, just like the 23 in HARTH´s name or the title STATE OF VOLGOGRAD. (…)
This is not the first time ALFRED 23 HARTH has played with the bassoonist and saxophonist LINDSAY COOPER and the singer PHIL MINTON. (…)
This CD was recorded at the community center in the Dieselstraße in Esslingen. Here, as in many other unattractive places in the Republic, excellent jazz is presented all year round. (…) One of its highlights has been recorded on this CD.
Thomas Rothschild
Translation: Margaret Neuendorf

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