Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett
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Paul Schwingenschlögl trumpet
Manfred Hering alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet
Heiner Reinhard tenor sax, soprano sax
Gert Anklam bariton sax
Johannes Bauer trombone
Quintett Nr. 1 14:51
Hymne 12:29
Konzertino 11:36
Quintett Nr. 12 35:28
Total time:  71:33

Recorded live by Jost Gebers and Jonas Bergler on September 9, 1994 during the 'Free Concert' series at the 'Rathaus Charlottenburg' in Berlin.
Produced by Jost Gebers
Artwork: Manfred Schulze
Photos: Dagmar Gebers

Liner notes: Bert Noglik

First published in August 1995
Excerpt from the booklet:
In order to save MANFRED SCHULZE`s music from being forgotten five wind players came together with the idea of immersing themselves in his music. (…) He always was concerned with the unity of an ensemble, with a certain kind of energy: that tension between the individual sound, the individual style, expression on the one hand, and the collective, more than just the individual, end result. Interpretation in this case also means setting free creative energy and its subservient relationship to a work of Art, which depends on composition without being confined by it. Written material, in the ´conventional´ sense, forms the basis of SCHULZE´s compositions: also included are playing directives, incentives, concepts. Improvisation becomes a continuation of composition using different means. (…)
Five wind players pay homage to a master, who appears present in this music, but due to severe illness cannot play anymore himself. (…) To keep this kind of music alive without the personal integration of its creator requires a closeness to his attitude of playing, to his conviction, to his intentions. Only through this kind of affinity can one develop what in other places is called ´Werktreue´: Authenticity. (…)
Bert Noglik
Translation: Isabel Seeberg / Paul Lytton

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