September Band

Carl - Hirsch - Lovens - Reichel
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Hans Reichel guitar, daxophone
Shelley Hirsch voice
Rüdiger Carl accordion, clarinet
Paul Lovens percussion
That little door (a) 14:07
That little door (b) 11:35
The eye and the egg 7:45
Chicken's little dick 9:14
Back to the reservation 12:07
O là là, sans sous 4:14
Total time:  59:02

All music by Carl, Hirsch, Lovens, Reichel
Recorded live by Daniel Koskowitz on May 14, 1994 at the 'Musique Action' Festival at the 'Centre Culturel André Malraux' in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
Produced by Jost Gebers
Artwork: Herr Goldbroiler
Photos: Dagmar Gebers, Gérard Rouy

Liner notes: Markus Müller

First published in August 1995
Excerpt from the booklet:
(...) The SEPTEMBER BAND has, although working within a definite framework enough of a sense of what´s possible, in order to achieve that fascinating degree of intuitively structured improvisation in a way never heard before.
First of all, this music quite obviously contradicts the usual categorisations and prejudices that improvised music is too often subjected to. (...)
I had the feeling of listening to a series of radio plays, a kind of collection of short stories, in which certain protagonists appear, again and again, but always in different places, in different contexts. The changing between the known and the unknown can after a while give rise to the well-known ´Lindenstraßen´-addict-syndrome: you always have to know how it´s going on. And it´s always at that moment when the listener thinks he has that familiar feeling, the music is ready to conquer the next ´terra incognita´. (...) The soundscape is in motion. The developing motives obey the laws of improvisation, each musician tells his own story and develops it in unison with the collection of stories provided by his fellow musicians. (...) The continuously changing spaces, in which the music appears, attach themselves to continuously changing references to the sounds of this world. Like a flash in the dark you imagine yourself hearing Jo Jones or Jimmy Guiffre or a daxophone-baby over the sounds of Gamelan. At least the possibility seems to appear from behind each and every recess of reality. These possibilities are what makes this music such a treat.
Markus Müller
Translation: Isabel Seeber / Paul Lytton

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