Improvisors Pool

featuring Sam Rivers and
Alexander von Schlippenbach
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Axel Dörner trumpet
Sam Rivers soprano sax, tenor sax, flute
Tilmann Dehnhard flute, tenor sax
Felix Wahnschaffe alto sax
Claas Willecke baritone sax
Tina Wrase soprano sax
Alexander von Schlippenbach piano
Horst Nonnenmacher double bass
Johannes Bockholt-Dams drums
If you say (Alexander von Schlippenbach) 07:15
Terrain (Sam Rivers) 12:16
Frame (Tina Wrase, Sam Rivers, Horst Nonnenmacher) 03:52
Top dogs double hop (Alexander von Schlippenbach) 08:57
Background (Sam Rivers) 29:38
Encounter (Sam Rivers, Tilmann Dehnhard) 05:43
The forge (Alexander von Schlippenbach) 10:30
Total time:  78:11

Recorded live by Holger Scheuermann and Jost Gebers on April 5, 1995 at the 'Podewil', Berlin.
Produced by Johannes Bockholt-Dams and Jost Gebers
Photos: Dagmar Gebers

Liner notes: Peter Thomé

First published in March 1996
Excerpt from the booklet:
ALEXANDER VON SCHLIPPENBACH, a Free Jazzer from the outset and, back in 1966, co-founder of the most famous big band in Free Improvisation, the Globe Unity Orchestra, has always been attracted by large formations and, in particular, the possibilities of improvisation within the context of an orchestra. (...)
SCHLIPPENBACH and RIVERS, who, in the 60´s, has worked with Miles Davis and Cecil Taylor amongst others, didn´t actually know each other before rehearsals began. And still, apart from sharing an understanding of the relationship between composition and improvisation,, both have been appointed as music educators. (...) In 1992 SCHLIPPENBACH was given an appointment of lecturer for ensemble playing at the Art School in Berlin. The graduating class of the HdK, at that time, consisted of highly motivated young musicians, who had not only developed an interest in SCHLIPPENBACH´s jazz-arrangements, but were also performing with him as the IMPROVISORS POOL. On the initiative of drummer JOHANNES BOCKHOLT-DAMS the IMPROVISORS POOL invited SAM RIVERS along to a workshop. (...)
After a short and tough period of rehearsing, they concluded the workshop with a presentation, which was an impressive testimony to SCHLIPPENBACH´s free-jazz oriented orchestral work together with the IMPROVISORS POOL and which was, at the same time, inspired by the spiritual power of the unshackled soloist SAM RIVERS. (...)
Peter Thomé
Translation: Isabel Seeberg / Paul Lytton

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