Honsinger Quintet
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Aleksander Kolkowski violin
Stephano Lunardi violin
Louis Moholo drums
Ernst Glerum double bass
Tristan Honsinger cello
Area 1 20:39
Area 2 39:27
Area 3 08:11
Area 4 08:51
Total time:  77:08

Composed by Tristan Honsinger
Recorded live by Holger Scheuermann and Jost Gebers during the 'Workshop Freie Musik' on April 27 and 29, 1994 at the 'Akademie der Künste', Berlin.
Produced by Jost Gebers
Photos: Dagmar Gebers

Liner notes: Tristan Honsinger

First published in March 1996
Excerpt from the booklet:
(...) The string quartet is something very close to my background and would complement my way of improvising and what I sometimes like to hear when I improvise. I asked LOUIS MOHOLO because he comes from a tradition of independence of line, which I think European improvising has as a necessity.
The pieces on this recording were made from a collection of work made for dance and theatre-music performances so they were inspired from different moods which has nothing to do with the outcome of the music. (...)
I met STEPHANO LUNARDI in Livorno, Italy, where he was born. I was seduced by his warmth and sense of humour almost immediately. His background (...) is very similar to mine, and so on an intuitive level his improvisations are very complementary.
ALEKS KOLKOWSKY actually gave us the opportunity to play together, the three of us as a part of a larger ensemble. ALEKS comes from London but his background is unique in that his roots are Russian Spanish and he has similar interests to mine in the Theatre and Dance world. (...)
ERNST GLERUM is quite simply a bassist with wide musical depth and also takes the place of the violonist in the classical string quartet.
I asked LOUIS MOHOLO because I wanted to bring percussion into the string quartet world or the chamber music concept. LOUIS for me is unique as a drummer (...) and also one of the few people that can complement such a group, seduce the sound and be seduced by it. His importance to European improvised music as a South African is felt in the architecture of it from the beginning. (...)
Tristan Honsinger

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