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Vresh Milojan cello, steel drums, percussion
Mergen Mongush voice, flute, clarinet, steel drums, percussion
Gennady Tchamzyryn voice, chadagan, mouseharp, percussion
Noon to midnight 13:14
Metabolism 06:47
Throat swinging 04:46
Art of silence (Dedicated to S. Freud) 13:40
Purceline Demon (Farfor) 05:01
Milk stone 08:57
The gift 10:15
Total time:  52:25

Track 1-6 composed by Vresh Milojan, Mergen Mongush, Gennady Tchamzyryn
Track 7 composed by Vresh Milojan, Mergen Mongush, Sainkho Namtchylak, Gennady Tchamzyryn
Recorded live by Holger Scheuermann and Jost Gebers during the 'Total Music Meeting' on November 18, 1994 at the 'Podewil', Berlin.
Produced by Sainkho Namtchylak and Jost Gebers
Photos: Dagmar Gebers

Liner notes: Nikolai Dmitriev (Moskau)

First published in October 1996
Excerpt from the booklet:
(...) Tuva - the quiet, proud and lonely country with its own voice. Located in the centre of Asia, in the south of Siberia, on the northern border of Mongolia, (..) cut off from the rest of the world by mountains. (...) Tuvinians are nomads and even now are living in their yurts in the steppes together with their herds of goats, sheep, horses, yaks and camels. This small nation totals about three hundred thousand people. Tuvinians profess to the Lamaīs branch of Buddhism, but Buddhism on Tuvinian ground closely interlaces with a much more ancient shamanism. (...)
Tuvinians accord music with great respect. In the peopleīs language: "A body bathes in water, and the soul in music." The new improvising music comes to the old improvising music, (...) mutually enriching each other. (...)
In 1988 a new theatre was founded in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. It was created by VRESH MILOJAN - Armenian artist, poet, musician and theatre director. (...) 1990 the musical group BIOSINTER was born. (...) 1991 the touring life of BIOSINTES begins. (...) In 1994 - besides sensational performances in Petersburg and Moscow, BIOSINTES opened itself for Europe, making a month long tour of Germany and Austria together with fellow countrywoman SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAK, already well known in the world of Improvised music. This tour ended with a performance of Berlinīs TOTAL MUSIC MEETING Festival, the recording of which is presented here.
1995-1996 the group has occasionally performed on Russian festivals, and has once again changed its material and now has again returned to the theatre, which in the last years has moved to Moscow. The circle has closed. (...)
Nick Dmitriev

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