Accordion and clarinet
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Dedicated to my father and to Martin Kippenberger
A: Solo Performance for accordion and clarinet
Dampfer Elsa 08:58
Low Blows 06:37
Hans in Rauschen 09:50
Hungen 609 10:37
Pops 04:23
Stützpunkt I 05:06
Stützpunkt II 07:03
B: Eighteen miniatures for solo accordion
Woyzeck-Introductions 17:41
a Zeilsheim
b Ginnheim
c Harheim
d Praunheim
e Bornheim
f Eschersheim
g Bockenheim
h Schwanheim
i Griesheim
j Bergen-Enkheim
k Rödelheim
l Heddernheim
m Eckenheim
n Fechenheim
o Preungesheim
p Sossenheim
q Berkersheim
r Westend
Total time:  70:15

All music composed by Rüdiger Carl
A: Recorded live by Peter Fey at the 'Adler-Werke', Frankfurt/M.
B: Recorded live by Georg Wilsberg in January and April 1993 at the 'Kammerspiele' Bonn-Bad Godesberg.
Produced by Rüdiger Carl and Jost Gebers
Cover Design/Artwork: Martin Kippenberger
Alex Caldwell, Margret Sommer, Dagmar Gebers
Liner notes: Interview with Thomas Adank (Radio DRS)

First published in June 1997
Excerpt from the booklet:
- How did you discover the accordion?
Rüdiger Carl: In the period after the war, when everything in Europe lay in ruins, my grandmother, who came from East Prussia, where I was born as well, turned up with this squeeze-box under her arm - I was about five then - and she gave it to me as a present after showing me briefly how it works. (…)
- When you are improvising today, on the accordion or on the clarinet, how does that work?
Rüdiger Carl: If I only knew.... (...) One goes for the kind of temperature, which allows one to get things moving without tension, and while they are being created they are examined and worked upon and may eventually find their appropriate form. (…)
- Now - about ´Woyzeck´. Can you still stand the words: "Slowly, Woyzeck, slowly, one thing after the other; he makes mine dizzy…"?
Rüdiger Carl: (...) Director Valentin Jeker got me interested in his production of Büchner´s play, which, incidentally, was very successful. He gave me a completely free hand in assembling and performing the music.
- Are these short pieces meant to be listened together or as separate pieces?
Rüdiger Carl: The original idea was listening to them consecutively. However, just in case, I gave every miniature its own separate title - incidentally.
Thomas Adank (Radio DRS, 1997)
Translation: Isabel Seeberg / Paul Lytton

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