Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett
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Manfred Hering reeds
Dietmar Diesner reeds
Heiner Reinhardt reeds
Johannes Bauer trombone
Manfred Schulze baritone sax
Viertens 12:47
B-a-c-h 15:42
Nummer 12 40:02
Total time:  68:31

All compositions by Manfred Schulze
Recorded by Jost Gebers live during the 'Grenzüberschreitungen' on May 2, 1985 in Wuppertal (Nummer 12) and on July 19, 1986 at the FMP-Studio, Berlin.
Produced by Jost Gebers
Cover design/Layout: Manfred Kussatz
Antje Zeis, Gerd Neumann, Dagmar Gebers
Liner notes: Bert Noglik

First published in October 1997
Excerpt from the booklet:
(...) These recordings from the years 1985/86 reveal the total spectrum of MANFRED SCHULZE´s music for brass quintet. (...) The line-up of the group proved to be consistent despite the irregular playing possibilities. (...) MANFRED SCHULZE had put his first brass quintet together already in 1969. He remembers that before starting the rehearsals, he would sometimes put on a recording of one of Arnold Schönberg´s compositions for brass quintet in order to get the colleagues into the right mood. (…)
Manfred Schulze found himself in a cleft stick. In his desire to improvise and in his means of expression, he was too heavily influenced by Jazz to be able to get near to New music while at the same time moving away from the imitation of American Jazz, long before the Free Jazz emancipation. This turned out to be even more tragic: later, in the rising times of Free Jazz he was misunderstood, because SCHULZE´s approach originated too much in composition, in order to be able to be associated unreservedly with totally free improvisation..
MANFRED SCHULZE felt a strong commitment towards the Middle-European cultural tradition. Hindemith, Schönberg or Webern, but also Bach and the German choral tradition left their mark on him just as much as the impression of Coleman Hawkins´ or Sonny Rollins´ playing. (...) MANFRED SCHULZE was never listened to enough, and never received the appreciation he deserved. (…) Yet the members of the Rova saxophone quartet honoured him quite rightly, much to his very own amazement, as a pioneer and for paving the way.
The time of the GDR were his times. Afterwards, as a sad coincidence, he fell ill, slowly at first and then with increasing severity, and became silent. (...)
Whoever listens to recordings of a quintet influenced by MANFRED SCHULZE, or attends concerts of live music, may discover that his music has had a lasting effect going beyond his actual physical presence as a player. (...)
In hindsight, NUMMER !", VIERTENS and B-A-C-H show something of a manifesto-like character: complicated and wonderfully simple at the same time, demanding and full of on unmistakable joy of playing, showing clarity of mind brought passionately into the realms of sound.
Bert Noglik
Translation: Isabel Seeberg / Paul Lytton

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