Brüning & Petrowsky
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Uschi Brüning voice
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky voice, flute, piano, zither, clarinet, alto sax, bariton sax
  A Features of Usel  
Indian Song 07:14
Blues-Usel 05:31
Skteches of Usel 14:49
Usel's Ballad 06:08
Honest speech 05:55
Bodden-song 04:54
Usel's Feature 06:15
Episode 13:17
Usel's Bird 07:58
B Enfant 01:50
Total time:  73:51

All pieces composed by Uschi Brüning and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky except ‚Enfant' by Ornette Coleman, MJQ Music, Inc.
Recorded by Jost Gebers on May 1-3, 1992 at the FMP-Studio in Berlin.
Produced by Brüning & Petrowsky
Dagmar Gebers, Helma Schleif (Cover)
Liner notes: Bianca Tänzer

First published in September 1992
Excerpt from the booklet:
A musician, a woodwind player, who doesn´t just play the alto and baritone saxophone, clarinet and flute, but also uses the piano and the zither, employs voice and language, and a singer, who sings, speaks, whistles - and is silent, and also a room with microphones, all this sets the scene for FEATURES OF USEL. No other electro-acoustic or electronic extras. Only these two with their voices. (…)
Thus originated a 73 minutes long play on tone, speech and sound, an audio-play. (…)
This BRÜNING/PETROWSKY team has been in existence for a decade and a half. (..) They have played together in concert in many European and Asian countries, as well as separately as members of well-known jazz ensembles, both large and small, travelling half the globe, and in later years appearing more and more in Germany. (…) They discovered and invent compositional-dramatic sequences which adhere to and use, also by means of intonement, musical archetypes such as call and response, loud and soft, high and low, and classical models such as theme and variation and rondo forms, and also younger themes in musical history like the expressiveness between whispering and shouting. (…) To hear them in concert or canned is to take part in their complex process of teamwork and communication. (…) What makes the BRÜNING/PETROWSKY-USEL aural adventure so different (to other duos)? (…)Their experience, together with their creative inquisitiveness, enables them to work consistently on a type of music which not only needs very few words but also very clearly makes fun of overtly significant talk and meaningful verbiage. (…) Beyond all technical bounds, they let us experience the interplay between two people. (…)
Bianca Tänzer
Translation: Margaret Neuendorf

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