Fuchs Solo and Duets
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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : FMP CD OWN-90004
Wolfgang Fuchs sopranino sax, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, voice & toys
Evan Parker soprano sax
Jean-Marc Montera guitar
  A: Bits & Pieces (Wolfgang Fuchs solo)  
Particle 1 contrabass clarinet 03:13
Particle 2 bass clarinet 05:22
Particle 3 sopranino sax 05:45
Particle 4 bass clarinet 07:17
Particle 5 contrabass clarinet 04:27
Particle 6 sopranino sax 05:52
Particle 7 bass clarinet 06:24
Particle 8 sopranino sax 05:17
  B: Vocal Transfer (Wolfgang Fuch solo)  
Particle 8 sopranino sax 05:10
  C: Wolfgang Fuchs & Evan Parker  
contrabass clarinet, clarinet, voice & toys 07:37
Earuption 08:33
  D: Wolfgang Fuchs & Jean-Marc Montera  
Pêche sonore 06:03
In coda al treno 06:39
Total time:  72:19

Section A & B composed by Wolfgang Fuchs
Section C composed by Wolfgang Fuchs and Evan Parker
Section D composed by Wolfgang Fuchs and Jean-Marc Montera
Produced by Wolfgang Fuchs
Artwork: Max Neumann (160 x 120 cm - tempera, paper, untreated cotton)
Photos: Dagmar Gebers
Slide: Helmut Metzner
Liner notes: John Corbett

First published in May 1996
Excerpt from the booklet:
(...) On the disc at hand, we hear WOLFGANG FUCHS negociate the isolated homs, retaining his unique sound while venturing out into a dialogue with his own abilities and limitations. He works with pure sound, yet does so in the context of a formal and musical logic. Intensively investigating the use of extended techniques , FUCHS has elaborated a highly personal style. He´s a member of the first generation of improvising saxophonists to grapple with EVAN PARKER´s paradigm-shift since the mid-70´s, he´s taken on the challenge of creating an instrumental voice of his own. Refining that set of techniques and approaches, constantly discovering BITS AND PIECES inherent in his playing that he´d never noticed before. FUCHS comes to solo improvising today with clear command of his language and a well-developed range of options. The task in these solos is to find new ways of organizing or structuring his elemental raw materials, to articulate what he speaks of as the ´immanent part´ - the possibilities inherent in the precise space and time of the performance. (…)
Trademark FUCHS: slur, trill, sputter, tongue-roll, spurt, swoop, growl, pucker. Presence of the shadow of voice behind brittle dog-tone spinters. Graceful arabesques curl around coarse distortions. Sharp punctuation marks - staccato Stopps, instantly halting. So quick and definite, his broken-off gestures, that the attack seems to be where the decay should, like a tape running backwards. FUCHS`s rhythmic skills are another ingredient. Sometimes a beat as regular and compelling as a Balines monkey chant swirls out of the sonic dust devils; check to see if you don´t accidentally catch your foot tapping innocently along - perhaps it can hear something you can´t . (…)
´Vocal Transfer´ connects the lone reedwork to two sets of duets, one with EVAN PARKER; one with JEAN-MARC MONTERA , both of whom happened to be in town when FUCHS set out to make the solo record. (…)
WOLFGANG FUCHS is one of the most significant contemporary reed players. Solo, in his long-standing duet with live-electronics-manipulator Georg Katzer, or with the King Übü Örchestrü, dealing with the distillation of sound or blowing in an organic free trio, FUCHS brings a freshness to the playing, a conviction, a clarity. (…)
John Corbett

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