Minton - Butcher - Hirt
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Phil Minton voice
John Butcher tenor sax, soprano sax
Erhard Hirt guitar, electronics
Vandoeuvre 26:21
  1st part 03:57
  2nd part 02:20
  3rd part 09:34
  4th part 05:20
  Zugabe 05:10
Antwerpen 28:47
  1st part 03:24
  2nd part 20:54
  3rd part 04:29
Total time:  69:54

All music by Phil Minton (PRS), John Butcher (PRS), Erhard Hirt (GEMA)
Recorded on June 25, 1995 at ‚Musique Action' Vandoeuvre (1).
Recorded by Michael W. Huon on August 5, 1995 at ‚Free Music Festival' in Anvers.
Produced by John Butcher and Erhard Hirt
Mastering: Peter Cusack
Artwork: Jochen Twelker

Liner notes: Markus Müller

First published in January 1998
Excerpt from the booklet:
In 1937, when John Cage prognosticated that "...the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard", he could hardly calculated that in 1997, a trio would record a CD on which a singer, a saxophonist, and a guitarist would engage in a competition to do just as he had predicted: use every perceptible sounds available.
If ERHARD HIRT uses electricity to transform his guitar into an interactive noise library, JOHN BUTCHER and PHIL MINTON refuse any type of electric aid; nevertheless one has the impression that there is nothing, absolutely no sound, that is not available for use. This special virtuosity (which, in the case of PHIL MINTON, borders on the ability of his voice to oscillate between Schubert and an aluminium shredder, to traverse the intersection between a travelling circus and the ´Three Tenors´ tour) is only worth mentioning because it leads to musically fascinating results within the framework of improvisation, as here undertaken. (…)
BUTCHER, HIRT and MINTON have played together a good six years. MINTON, who is known as a legend (…) has again and again over the last twenty years redefined the voice and its role in music. (…)
HIRT is, in the best sense, the guitar professor of improv. (…)
BUTCHER (…) displays his beguiling breathing methods. He arrays microtonal, multivoiced sound levels in the room, out of which HIRT and MINTON develop new formats. (…)
On one hand, a linear development is made clear; on the other, possible alternatives for the listener are conveyed. The listener then hears himself - and this process is an ever-renewing one.
Markus Müller
Translation: Allison Plath-Moseley / Nils Plath

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