Schröder - Walsdorff - Jenneßen
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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : FMP CD OWN-90011
John Schröder guitar, piano
Henrik Walsdorff alto sax
Uli Jenneßen drums, percussion
  A. Freedom of Speech (Schröder) 22:55
Freedom 04:47
Liberty 07:50
Speech 10:18
  B. Die Outisten (Jenneßen) 21:25
Goody moody baby 07:42
Allein auf höchster Ebene 03:30
Hölder 07:52
After... 02:21
  C. Round Kisses (Waldorff) 22:07
Jazz killed itself 01:22
Free man 13:01
Anastasia 02:08
Max und Moritz 04:28
Haiku 01:08
Total time:  66:27

Recorded by Hrolfur Vagnsson on July 13, 1998 at Vagnsson Studio, Hannover.
Produced by Schröder, Waldorff, Jenneßen
Layout: Jost Gebers
Gerold Genßler
Liner notes: Felix Klopotek

First published in June 1999
Excerpt from the booklet:
FREEDOM OF SPEECH - the name alludes to the fundamental principles of Free Jazz. (...) ´Free´ was supposed to be related to a form of communication, aware of ist own set up. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, from this perspective, has very little to do with the petit bourgeois attitude to be finally allowed to say what has been on one´s mind for a long time. It was and is about revealing the rules of making music as constructs. Once this loosening of canonised musical policies had taken place, there was the possibility of arriving at other terms for melody and rhythm. (...) The fact, that equality is a dynamic state, (…) requires a productive way of dealing with the differences between the instruments and the musicians playing them. Only when it is clear that, for example, saxophone, guitar and drums are three completely different instruments which sound their best when played in such a way not described in any school, the togetherness van be created in a reasonable way, following the rules of freedom of speech. (…)
FREEDOM OF SPEECH are neither epigones nor saviours. They demonstrate how (younger) musicians, authoritatively aware of tradition and techniques and then, again, sublimating themselves, create free improvisation, completely focussed on playing for the moment, by simply playing it. Understanding it as a matter of course, something so out of the ordinary. (…)
Felix Klopotek

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