A Film by Jeanine Meerapfel

Music from the Motion Picture by Floros Floridis
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Roula Manisanou
(Una Matica de Ruda, Ballad of Silence)
Rosana Pastor
Dimitris Starovas
(Se Thelo)

Floros Floridis alto & soprano saxophone, Bb, bass clarinet, flute
Vangelis Tsotridis acoustic & electric guitar
Nektarios Karatzis acoustic & electric guitar
Nikos Psofogiorgos drums, percussion
Spyros Liakopoulos piano
Kyriakos Gouventas violin
Stelios Maronidis vibes
Haris Papadopoulos bouzouki
George Petzikis keyboards
Florina Brass Band (FBB)  
Una Matica de Ruda* 03:46
Levame* 01:33
Ballad of Silence** 01:38
Se Thelo*** 02:55
Ghost Theme 1  
Baulo Theme 01:59
Couple Happy Theme 01:59
Couple Sad Theme 03:05
II:3 Vibes 02:31
Another Melody 02:48
Davos Duo 01:08
Baulo Theme 01:02
Couple Happy Theme 00.38
Couple Sad Theme 01:06
Another Melody 00:47
Drive Melody 00:35
Davos Solo 01:47
Baulo Theme 00:37
Ghost Theme 2 00:39
Matica Groove 03:15
II:3 Groove 02:29
Ghost Theme 3 00:40
Dream Sequence/Child Dance 04:15
Tension String Cluster 01:37
Dream Sequence II 03:54
Ghost Theme 4 00:59
Hassapiko 02:20
Valse de Rayons* 01:12
Matica w. FBB* 02:03
Koumbaros w. FBB* 05 :51

Music composed and arranged by Floros Floridis (GEMA)
* Traditional, arranged by Floros Floridis
** Words by Jeanine Meerapfel (GEMA)
*** Words by Dimitris Starovas (AEPI), Floros Floridis
# Composed by Jacques Offenbach, arranged by F. Floridis

Sound recording / Mixing / Mastering: Martin Ekman, George Petzikis
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Magnanimus Recording Studios, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Executive producer: Floros Floridis
Artwork: Floros Floridis
Layout: Yannis Kitsoulis, Floros Floridis

© Integral Film GmbH / Malena Films GmbH, 2001

First release date: November 2001

Anna Kastelano is packing up the home that had belonged to her family on a Greek island. She is considering putting it up for sale. However, in these familiar surroundings, she is revisited by memories of her own past and that of her Sephardic-Jewish family.
Anna has not yet gotten over the death of her husband Max. She spends the summer on the island, which has become her second home, trying to come to terms with her solitude.
For the first time, she opens the family´s iron chest. Memories and ghosts rise up, with whom she cooks, dances and picks figs. She finds old telegrams relating to the fate of her grandmother Anna. She also discovers the diary of another Anna, her father´s first love.
But the present also makes itself felt. Anna meets Nikola. He is considerably younger and does odd jobs around the island.
Her relationship with Nikola and the feelings she is experiencing intermingle with her mourning and the moving discoveries about her family.
Anna is searching for a path through the labyrinth of her history and ultimately decides to assume her place in it.
Life goes on.

Anna Angela Molina
Max Herbert Knaup
Leon Dimitris Katalifos
Malena Rosana Pastor
Anna Levi Maria Skoula
Nikola Agis Emmanouil
Zoi Themis Bazaka
Maria Despo Diamandidou
Direction &
Jeanine Meerapfel
Photography Andreas Sinanos
Sound Eva Valino
Casting Haris Papadopoulos
Art Direction Alex Scherer, Dora Lelouda
Costumes Julia Stavridou
Editor Bernd Euscher
Music Floros Floridis
Executive producer Dagmar Jacobsen
Co-produced by Integral Film (Germany), Jeanine Meerapfel, Malena Films (Germany), Panis Synadinos, FS Production (Greece), Jose Luis Borau, El Iman (Spain), WDR, Arte, ERT
Supported by Filmstiftung NRW, BKM, Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Greek Film Center, Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura ICAA,
Eurimages, Canal +


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