Live at Jazz Unité ´81

Duo Dyani - Waldron
Preis / Price : 15.60 €
Bestell-Nr. / Purchase Order No. : JAZZ UNITÉ 102
Johnny Dyani double bass, voice, piano (# 3)
Mal Waldron piano
Feat. Pablo Sauvage percussion (# 3)
Safari 06:09 (Dyani / Waldron)
African Cake-Walk 11:01 (Waldron)
Makulu-Kalahari 14:09 (Dyani)
Strange Intrusions 16:31 (Dyani / Waldron)
Blues For Mandela 10:43 (Waldron)
Time Will Tell 17:28 (Dyani / Waldron)
Total time:  76:01

Recorded live on April 16, 1981 @ Jazz Unité (Paris-La Défense), France
Recording engineer: Christian Terronès
Digitally remastered and edited by Alexis Frenkel (Art et Son Studio, Paris)
Photos: Thierry Trombert, Christine Duval, Andrea Muti
Picture and liner notes: Johnny Dyani
Design: Jazzibao
Produced by Odile Terronès, Gérard Terronès
Booklet language version: French/English

First release CD-date: 2001

Excerpt from the booklet

Thanks to Mr. Waldron whose spirit so deep and strong whose understanding so deep and open:
The Boer = A Wolf A Blind Hearted Being: I`m so amazed by the Western world of their support to these Boers; to support them with guns etc. etc. To oppress my folks some taking holidays to South Africa and Southwest Africa and now there is a number of Black American musicians going there, while we strived not to go back. But to find ways to free our folks from deep pains - frustration e.c.t.! All what we´re saying those I´ve said about; there´ll come a time; don´t blame us!
Johnny Dyani, Mai 1981

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