Flute Solos/Movement Sounds
Bechegas / Trio Ik*Zs (3)
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Carlos Bechegas
flutes, sound processors
synthesizers, keyboards
pitch to MIDI flute interface
Ernesto Rodrigues
José Oliveira
  Carlos Bechegas Trio Ik* Zs (3)
01. Circul´arabe/end´wave 09:38
02. Lacy chord 07:27
03. Impruvizus/ostinatum 08:51
04. Density/circus 10:33
05. Percu/hold sequence 08:31
  ´Movement Sounds´
Flute solos with electronics
06. Minimal blue 05:35
07. Midi - E. parker 06:34
08. Modo p/Lacy 04:53
09. Odnorafip´duo 08:15
10. Octave ligato (b) 02:13
11. Free narrat (11/6) 03:06
Total time: 00:00
All compositions and improvised structures by Carlos Bechegas
Published by Alissa Publishing /PRS
01. - 05. recorded April 1995
06. - 11. recorded November 1993
Mastering: Joaquim Pedro Jacobetty
Final mastering: Alan Mosley
Front picture: Ernesto Rodrigues
Cover by Alexandre Sousa
Photography: Pedro Martins
Produced by Leo Feigin
© & p LEO LAB (GB), 1997
Excerpt from the booklet:
These two projects, ´Movements Sounds´ flute solos with electronics and the trio IK*Zs (3) were recorded at the I and II oriental Stage Theatre Improvising Music Meeting in 1993 and 1995 respectively. They are presented here, on my first CD, as a natural result of my travelling through many different academic and theoretical studies, through experiencing many music languages: a course in classical music, seminars on contemporary classical composition and interpretation, jazz and improvised music workshops, twenty years of playing live concerts in different genres: jazz-rock, Portuguese popular music, big-band swing orchestra, dance music, etc. (…)
As far as my trio IK*Zs (3) is concerned, we do not play freely improvised music. Our method might be called ´structured improvisation´, and the trio´s music is in a way an extension of my flute and electronic solo concerts. We usually find ideas for our structures during the rehearsals when we allow ourselves to improvise spontaneously. We record our improvisations and later on we analyse them to take from them the most interesting parts.
Carlos Bechegas

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