Florina Brass Band II
Valkanis / Floridis / Stoikos / Ioannou
/ Valkanis / Karatzis / Samaras / Psofoyiorgos
Preis / Price : 15.08 €
Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : LYRA 4936
Lazaros Valkanis
clarinet, alto saxophone
Floros Floridis
alto & soprano saxophone
Pandelis Stoikos trumpet
Panagiotis Ioannou
Georgios Valkanis
Nektarios Karatzis acoustic bass
Sakis Samaras daul, snare
Nikos Psofoyiorgos drums, percussion
01. Seryiano trad., arr. by F. Floridis 03:37
02. Leventikos I trad., arr. by Y. Valkanis, F. Floridis 06:02
03. Lahana trad., arr. by Y. Valkanis, F. Floridis
04. Maria comp. by Y. Valkanis 07:34
05. Hasapiko trad., arr. by L. Valkanis, Y. Valkanis 05:24
06. Mouriki trad., arr. by L. Valkanis 04:52
07. Stergios trad., arr. by F. Floridis 06:09
08. Macedonian Syrto trad., arr. by L. Valkanis, F. Floridis 05:41
09. Sousta trad., arr. by L. Valkanis 03:13
10. Georgios 9/8 comp. by Y. Valkanis 06:40
11. Leventikos II comp. by Y. Valkanis
12. Tis Fotias trad., arr. by F. Floridis
13. Sarki trad., arr. by L. Valkanis, F. Floridis
Total time: 00:00
Production: General Publications Company, S.A.
Executive Producer: Floros Floridis
Recorded from December 1998 to February 1999 @ ´Magnanimus Studios´ (G. Pentzikis), Thessaloniki
Recording Engineer: G. Kostopoulos
Assisting engineers: D. Pantazopoulos, M. Oikonomidou
Mixed by G. Kostopoulos, Floros Floridis
Photographs by S. Nikoglou
Cover art: Floros Floridis
Design & Layout: D. Milosis
The Florina Brass Band resulted from the collaboration of the Valkanis Brothers traditional group, which was founded by their father Tasos Valkanis in 1960, and the musician Floros Floridis. Today, with the addition of a new rhythmic section consisting of Nektarios Karantzis and Nikos Psofoyiorgos on drums - both are playing with Floros Floridis in various jazz groups since years - the Band has developed this kind of ´ethnic´ music into a new sound.
Production note
Brass Bands in the Balkans - Greece
Brass instruments reached the Balkans through the military bands of the 19th century. It wasn´t too long before they filtered through the towns and then to the countryside. The brass band craze spread all over the Balkans and created a new sensation in Balkan traditional music almost instantaneously. For the first time in history the bands used extremely Western instruments - the very same instruments that would be used by a brass band in, say, New Orleans - but what they played was a particularly fierce brand of their own traditional music, down to the same scales and odd time signatures that characterize the music of all the Balkan countries. Brass bands form an integral part of the musical tradition of Greek Macedonia. For over thirty years the traditional brass group of Tasos Valkanis and later of the Valkanis brothers have been one of the main exponents of this important and sadly neglected part of local music tradition.
Production note

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