Rob Brown Trio
Brown / Morris / Grassi
Preis / Price : 15.60 €
Bestell-Nr. / Purchase Order No. : MARGE 024
Rob Brown alto saxophone, flute
Wilber Morris bass
Lou Grassi drums, percussions
A Step Out Of the Door 08:35
Vigil 08:30
Pivot - Full Swing 06:52
Pussy Foot 09:50
Bated Breath 09:53
Skipper 15:34
Tatters 10:18
Total time:  69:32

All compositions by Rob Brown, Wilber Morris, and Lou Grassi
Published by Self Propelled Music (BMI)

Recorded on October 18, 1998 @ the Faubourg Saint-Antoine cellar, Paris (France)
Recording engineer: Mathieu Farnarier
Photos: Thierry Trombert
Liner Notes: Marc Chaloin (Improjazz)
Design: Jazzibao
Produced by Gérard Terronès
Booklet version: French/English

First release date: 2000
Excerpt from the booklet
In 1998 the French Rive de Gier jazz festival resolved to open its programming policy to some of the major representatives of America´s current jazz avant-garde. Among those thus invited to perform in France for the first time, were Rob Brown and drummer Lou Grassi´s sextet with Wilber Morris on bass. This was a perfect opportunity for the legendary MARGE record label to get involved again with the most vivid actuality of a music that keeps asserting its vital necessity, notwithstanding what is regarded as legitimate jazz today. The end result is this CD by a never previously heard Rob Brown trio. (…)
Completely improvised within a couple of hours in a vaulted cellar on Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine in Paris, the music on these seven tracks is the spontaneous outcome of an immense aptitude to reciprocal listening, allowing the individual responses to flow together instantly. (…) An aesthetically unbound jazz played by three most musical individualities at their creative apex.

Marc Chaloin

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