Tsahar / Ragin / Kowald / Drake
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Assif Tsahar tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Hugh Ragin trumpet
Peter Kowald bass, voice
Hamid Drake drums, frame drums, voice
Lonely Woman
(Ornette Coleman)
The Lizards in the Maze
Fathers and Mothers
(for Albert Ayler)
Hearts Remembrance
Standing Motion
Dream Weavers
(for Laurence & Alexandre) (Tsahar)
The Call
Total time:  72:21

Recorded on May 4 & 5, 2001 @ La Fenêtre Studio, Paris (France)
Recording engineer: Philippe Maté
Editing & Mastering: Philippe Maté, Assif Tsahar
Painting: Obeye Fall
Photos: Thierry Trombert
Liner Notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Design: Laurent Groffe
Produced by Gérard Terronès
Booklet version: French/English

First release date: September/Oktober 2001

Excerpt from the booklet
The poet (Octavio Paz) said: Meaning is the son of sound - to remind us that reality belongs to the sphere of meaning (...), to the sphere of the universe he inherits with language, with that part of language which is blessed with a life of its own, which covers all the ranges of communication and dwells in the sphere of sounds - the orchis-sphere of Soliman-sound. (…)
I wonder if the music that plays in a language is of the same nature as the one improvisers first hear, then convert into some sort of sonic species. But I do wish, speaking of a music like this and in times like ours, that people would to a greater extent get the two approaches to coincide, because the poetical instrument, harping together with the musical instruments, will always tell us more about the living presence of things. (…)
What a music like this reminds us is that form is not a mere prop or a loophole: form is a resource and a property which, with some people, evolves spontaneously. (…)
In this way, in such OPEN SYSTEMS, taking a form and a form´s depth, it is a force that runs through bodies and states, able to transform oneself. (…)

Alexandre Pierrepont

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