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Wolfgang Fuchs contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, sopranino sax
Xu Fengxia guzheng, voice
Roger Turner drumset, percussion
Flux Island
Total time:  57:23

Recorded live on November 1, 2002 during the Total Music Meeting 2002 @ Podewil, Berlin
Sound engineer: Hrólfur Vagnsson (Tonstudion Vagnsson, Hamburg)
Mixing: Wolfgang Fuchs, Hrólfur Vagnsson
Mastering: Hrólfur Vagnsson
Liner Notes: Helma Schleif, Wolfgang Fuchs, Xu Fengxia, Roger Turner
Calligraphy: Chung Wie Jie
Photos: Paul G. Deker (Stockholm), Ingo Scheffler (Berlin)
Design/Layout: Klaus Untiet (wppt:kommunikation, Wuppertal)
Booklet: German / English / Chinese, 5 b/w photos
Producer: Helma Schleif (Berlin)
With thanks to Wu Wei (Berlin)


All pieces by Wolfgang Fuchs (GEMA), Xu Fengxia (GEMA), Roger Turner (PRS).
Recorded and mastered in real time. No cuts, no dubbings.

© a/l/l 007 (2003)

First release: February 30, 2003

Meeting Berlin - Shanghai - London
This newly formed acoustic trio combines European improvisational structures with features of traditional Chinese music. The resulting dynamic range is of extraordinary complexity, re-enforced by the enormous musical potential and individual styles of these three players. One of the highlights of last year´s Total Music Meeting, Berlin.


Excerpt from the booklet
I was born and raised during the Cultural revolution which was the age of red flags. I sung red flag revolutionary songs. Everywhere on the streets I saw red flags. When I was in elementary school I admired the girl of the revolutionary dance troupe waving red flags. I wished I could also do that.
But then I preferred to learn music instead of playing with flags! I don`t know how those flags influenced my life but I chose
the path of dreaming my freedom. Then I found out I have the freedom to wave flags of any shape, any colour. This is what
happens with our trio "The New Flags".
The monophonic traditions of our Chinese music blend with polyphonic styles of European music and something new arises
that is not possible in our traditional music. Also, there are sounds and patterns composers will never be able to write down
in their scores. "New Flags" has a sour, bitter, hot and sweet flavour like all relevant screams of life. We are stepping across
the borders, leaving our own flags behind and inventing new flags, finding them all over the world. Men can never forget about his own roots but should try to follow his dreams - like in "The New Flags".

Xu Fengxia

Fengxia of redjacket ponk classical strings sipping larynx tea for special delivery.
Fuchs-in-the-suit what a schlollop of wet razor slices. Where´s the trouser press old ironshirt?
Urner of t-short just sit, wave arms around remembering ancient Chinese nut ´listener makes the music´. Band of course continues play with the new flags (not sitting on fence).

Roger Turner

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