Ancestral Homeland
Pyramid Trio
Campbell / Parker / Matsuura
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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : No More Rec. No.7
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Roy Campbell Jr. trumpet, fluegelhorn, pocket trumpet, argol, wood flute, percussion
William Parker double bass, percussion
Zen Matsuura drums, gong, percussion

01. Song For Alan 11:42
02. Ancestral Homeland 11:56
03. The Positive Path 14:35
04. Oglala Eclipse 09:20
05. Bean Dance 05:08
06. Brother Yusef (intro) 03:26
07. Brother Yusef 06:10
08. Camel Caravan 10:26
Total time: 72:43
All compositions by Roy Campbell/Camroy Music (ASCAP) except for Oglala Eclipse (# 04)and Bean Dance
(# 05) by William Parker/Centering Music (BMI)
Produced by Alan Schneider
Recorded by Andrei Strobert @ Strobe-Light Sound Studio on February 12, 1998
Mastered by Chris Flam @ Mindswerve, NYC
Scans by Jared Kane
Excerpt from the booklet:
This, the second CD by the Roy Campbell Jr. PYRAMID TRIO, is a festive celebration both musically and historically. It is the first CD by the ´original´ PYRAMID TRIO. The first CD, Communion on Silkheart Records featured Reggie Nicholson on drums.
The PYRAMID TRIO began in 1984 with performances at Inroads and the Shuttle Theatre in New York City. Over the years various wonderful musicians have played in the group such as drummers Reggie Nicholson, Susie Ibarra, Sadiq Abdus Shahid and bassists Tyler Mitchell, Reuben Radding, Eugene Cooper and Wilber Morris.
Many years have past while the music developed and followed a natural course of evolution. The music of the PYRAMID TRIO is based on World Universal Music, composed and improvised.
I would like to thank God, William Parker and Zen Matsuura for their music, patience and faith. Thanks to Steve Dalachinsky. Most of all, thanks to Alan Schneider, Andrei Strobert and all of our audience.
Roy Campbell Jr.
(…) A unique version of style, text, line, song, art, invention, philosophy, exile and joy. Three modern men on the margins of a still mad and primitive souped up world … and singing its praises none-the-less.
This music it hits you like the wind…you catch it in your hand like a leaf… you swim in it like the sand … you dwell in it like the clouds … you chew on it like a stone … you swallow it like the sun … you digest it like the stars … you grasp it like ……. And that´s when it all begins.
Steve Dalachinsky, NYC 1998

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