Scherzberg / Hughes / Arnal
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Lars Scherzberg alto saxophone
John Hughes bass
Jeff Arnal percussion
Magnetic Resonance 09:39
The Perch 08:33
Montagne de plaisanterie no. 1 08:01
Montagne de plaisanterie no. 2 10:18
Pulse Deviations 12:55
Union (for D.M.) 09:49
Check 03:56
Plus 01:12
Quickie 00:15
Total time:  64:42

Composed by Jeff Arnal (1, 6, 8), John Hughes (2, 5, 9), Lars Scherzberg (3, 4, 7)
Recorded live on August 18, 2000, at oaksmus concerts in Berlin
Produced by Dietrich Eichmann
Layout & graphic design: CK new media consulting Photos: Estelle Woodward & Helena Evangelista
Liner notes: Harald Borges

First published in June 2001
Excerpt from the booklet:
The music of Scherzberg, Hughes and Arnal is pretty much removed from all conventions including those of improvised jazz, which may first spring to mind. It is radical through and through (in that sense in which 'radix' literally means 'roots'). One is reminded in more compact () passages of Webern, who with the most minimal apparent expenditure of means could create the maximum amount of suspense. In other passages there is a lot of speech about it - of a discussion between three people who converse animatedly, and here and there grow quiet, while perhaps a participant takes time to reflect before entering the discussion once again. This music is audible human exchange. And moreover the exchange between three people who have something to say and not the trading of platitudes over a glass or two of prosecco in passing at some exhibition opening or other.
Harald Borges
Translation: Tim Florence 

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