van Bergen / Bouwhuis / Emmer / Faber / Wang / Rudge
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Peter van Bergen tenor sax, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
electronics (FTE 1, FE 3)
Gerard Bouwhuis piano
Huib Emmer electric guitar
Johan Faber drums, percussion
Patricio Wang electric bass guitar, electric guitar (FT 1, FA 3)
Denis Rudge vocals
FTE 1 (Damnila)
text: Volt ´Amooooore´(1916)
FA 5.1 04:57
FE 3 (Life/Death)
text: Sun Ra `The Endless Realm`
F 001.6 03:46
FT 1 02:04
FA 3 06:38
FL 1 03:43
Total time:  60:51

All compositions by Peter van Bergen (BUMA/STEMRA)

Recorded by John McCortney on June 30, July 1 & 2, 1999 @ Airwave Recording Studios
Produced & edited by Peter van Bergen
Mixed on September 2 & 3, 1999 by Peter van Bergen & John Mc Cortney
Executive producer: Bruno Johnson
Artwork: William Mohline
Design: L.E. Molnar
Liner Notes: Ken Hollings
Booklet: english

First release: 1999

FT 1 (Damnila)
It begins with an artificial reconstruction of a man and a girl talking in Italian. As if both are taking part in a language course for mannequins or marionettes. Then come elegant tone rows, strings of lights. (…) Futurist performances reveled in the instantaneous, the dynamic. Isolated lines of dialogue emerge from the music. (…) "The Futurists are, in a way, the industrial form of the same theatrical things which I find connected to Sun Ra, Armstrong and Stockhausen," Peter comments.

FA 5.1
´I swear I blew my top! I swear…´ (…) The text, a simple line of five words caught somewhere between laughter and rage, is taken from an old Louis Armstrong record. Why Armstrong?
"Because he is a colourful person and he has all kinds of different sides to him, so what he does is very expressive. (…) For me he has a very strong connection with people I feel closest to. People like Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Anthony Braxton."

FE 3 (Life/Death)
Words are also sounds. They reverberate in the silence. (…) What we are listening to now is the sound of Sun Ra reading aloud from one of his own texts.
"Forget the word ´life´." (…)

F 001.6
A kind of solo piece for Huib Emmer, (…) a composer in his own right who has worked closely with both Gerard Bouwhuis and Peter van Bergen since their time playing together in the ´Hoketus´ ensemble during the 1980´s.

F T 1
´What is it you got that my wife thinks you so hot?` (Louis Armstrong).
"This is not a kind of historical CD. I don´t want it to be seen as a rediscovery of Louis Armstrong. It´s about how much you can get from a few single elements. (…)

FA 3
"This is a blues number. A beautiful song (…). The Armstrong text pushes (it) more to hysteria. I made an arrangement with Denis Rudge that he has to break certain lines and that the happiness should be turned into a kind of madness," Peter comments.

FL 1
The mood is one of pure abstraction; wordless and serene. It offers a subtle distillation of what occurs between the musicians in LOOS as they work towards the concentrated silence and sense of stillness which this ensemble is capable of attaining both live and in the studio. (…) "What they must do is use this material to perform, within this technique, a beautiful musical melody. It´s a game between individuality and a group feeling. It´s a battle too, but when the process is working, individual expression is able to come out clearly along with the group feeling. For me, that´s the ideal situation."

Energy and directness. From the beginning of the century to the end of this millennium.

Ken Hollings

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