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Bestell-Nr. / P/O No. : TAKLA Rec. No.3
Tracks 1 - 5
Fabio Martini BB clarinet, alto clarinet
Tito Mangialajo Rantzer double bass
Carlo Virzi percussions
Tracks 6 - 11
Fabio Martini BB clarinet, alto clarinet
Domenico Sciajno double bass, electronics
Ruggero Radaele percussions
nuvole bass 06:22
brutus 04:23
effrazione 04:38
sotto I tavoli 02:57
lilith 06:48
the red tent 07:25
lost/tsol 05:44
tabernacle 04:09
popgun 02:13
10. spook 07:12
two of us 05:19
Total time:  57:17

Tracks 1 - 5 recorded on July 14, 1998, by Lothar Cordelius @ humus studios, Carimate, Como.
Tracks 6 - 11 recorded on July 28, 1998 by Federico Radaele @ Santa Croce church, Ivrea.

Editing and pre-mastering by Fabio Martini
Mastered by Umberto Signifredi @ studio opera, Milano.

All tracks composed by Fabio Martini except ´Tabernacle´ by Domenico Sciajno
Produced by Fabio Martini and Elisabeth Jolly for Takla Records (1998)
Artwork by Elisabetta Lolli
Layout by Enzo De Grandi and Claudio Antali
Photolithography by Vittorio Grassi

Thanks to: Piero Martini, Giuseppe Lelasi, Antonio Dominaci, Carlo Maletta and all of Takla In memory of my mother Miranda


… Dem eloquenten Fabio Martini begegnet man in seiner Haupteigenschaft als Klarinettist auf INTRIO gleich in zwei Trios mit Bass und Schlagzeug. (…) Hier herrscht radikale Reduktion in der musikalischen Ästhetik, ein konzentrierter, introspektiver Essenzialismus, bei dem jedes Ornament als ´Verbrechen´ ausscheidet. Martini führt in dunkle Molltöne getauchte, nachdenklich brütende, verträumte Selbstgespräche. (…) In diesem Zusammenhang scheinen mir selbst Namen wie Giuffre und Ben Goldberg nicht zu hoch gegriffen.
Bad Alchemy 23
(…) On INTRIO Martini performs with two separate trios on 11 tracks. Martini is a skilled improvisor while performing on BB clarinet and alto clarinet and displays a gorgeous tone and churns out engagingly lyrical phrasing. His support follows suit as this clarinet, bass and drums outing is of an exploratory nature. (…) Excitingly captivating as these musicians vary the intensity levels, partake in interesting dialogue and capture the spirit of jazz modernism which is a long-standing yet continually thriving art form in Italy.
 Glenn Astarita, in: All About Jazz
Two separate trio sets from one of Italy´s best-kept secrets, reed player Fabio Martini. His ´Circadiana Clangori´ of last year (Leo Lab CD 045) proved him to be an interesting composer for a medium-sized ensemble of improvisers; here we find him in a much more intimate, and more exposed, setting.
Martini is a lugubrious player with a slow, deliberate sense of development. He seems to enjoy letting his notes swell and grow. Unlike so many free reedsmen, he doesn´t feel the need to play fast and furious; his concern seems to be to keep the larger-scale musical movement underway, using long, languorous phrases. (…) Rantzer plays mostly with the bow, and his solo on ´Effrazione´ shows him to have a sinuous sound which is (…) high on evolution and development. (…) Virzi´s (…) seems to play individual beats, no riffs or fills; the result seems disjointed, (…) but it works in this setting. (…)
The second trio has, of course, some things in common with the first; at least inasmuch as Martini is the leader, and his approach hasn´t changed a great deal. Radaele is, however, a much more ebullient percussionist that Virzi - not loud, just busy, making a noisy-but-subdued backdrop to Martini´s playing. Sciajno´s electronics help him out too. (…)
He has more of a basis in extended techniques that Rantzer displays on the foregoing session. (..) Sciajno takes some very nice solos (on ´The Red Tent´) in which he really seems to revel in the bass´s bottom register. (…) ´Popgun´… sounds distinctly like a Parker/Lytton/Guy piece. (…)
Fiftyseven minutes os nowhere long enough to get tired of Martini´s ever-intelligent, almost discursive clarinet. The two rhythm sections give the disc an added degree of variety. (…) More, please.
Richard Cochrane, in: All About Jazz
(…) Martini is a deep-thinking spiritualist who projects a pensive, brooding mood with either his alto clarinet or Bb clarinet. His music has an allusive semblance of flow to it, althoughit is devoid of a song form or tangible baseline.

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