Fuchs - Bryerton - Smith
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Wolfgang Fuchs contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone
Jerome Bryerton percussion
Damon Smith double bass
Meeting three
1. 01:26
  2. 01:37
  3. 02:24
  4. 04:32
  5. 03:36
  6. 03:21
  7. 05:57
Meeting one
8. 10:52
  9. 05:05
  10. 16:16
  11. 08:55
Meeting two
12. 07:13

# 1 - 7 studio recordings by Scott R. Looney in Emeryville, CA (October 10, 2001)
# 8 - 11 live recordings by Scott R. Looney @ Tuva Space in Berkeley, CA (October 17, 2001)
# 12 live recording by Michael Zeiner/Zoka @ the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, CA
(October 18, 2001)

All titles and compositions by Fuchs/Bryerton/Smith
Mastered by Scott R. Looney
Photos by Edgar Alan Brightbill
Cover artwork by Max Neumann, 2001 (200 x 160 cm)
Layout & graphic design: Carol Genetti (Noodlemeister design)
Liner notes: Peter Niklas Wilson
Produced by Jerome Bryerton

First release: March 2002

Excerpt from the booklet

(…) Three improvisers from three cities (Berlin, Chicago and San Francisco) and two generations (born in the 40´s and 70´s) get together on the West Coast - and have no difficulty whatsoever in weaving a dense fabric full of intertwining threads, a music alive through the shared awareness of sound and space, of pitched and unpitched sounds, of individuality and collectivity, of distinct lines and group textures. There´s no doubt that the vocabulary opened up by the pioneers of the 60´s and 70´s - the world of woodwind harmonics and multiphonics, of Bartók pizzicati and scraping bow textures, of bowed metal timbres, of rapid multi-timbral percussive bursts, of inside piano explorations - has become the basis of a global lingua franca of an improvised music no longer preoccupied with the is-it-jazz-or-is-it-not-jazz question. Wolfgang Fuchs has been speaking this language for longer than his two junior partners. But there is no generation gap here, no trace of condescension or hero worship. For as much as young US improvisers such as Damon Smith and Jerome Bryerton respect the founding fathers, they are acutely aware of the qualities they themselves can bring to the music on account of their own background. (…)
There´s plenty of wit and experience in the music of this ephemeral trio, Old and New World style, and enough communicative capability to make many a ´real ´ jazz musician jealous.

Peter Niklas Wilson

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