Frith / Lussier
Ueno / Anders / Letarte / Cutler
Preis / Price : 15.60 €
Bestell-Nr. / Purchase Order No. : VICTO CD 001
Fred Frith guitar, bass, drums violin, piano, voice
René Lussier guitar, percussion, bass, voice, cassettes

Tenko Ueno voice (# 4)
Christoph Anders voice, cassettes (# 13)
Geneviève Letarte voice (# 7, 15)
Chris Cutler drums, found objects (# 1)
Cage de verre 03:38
The Same Wide Wall 03:19
Vinegar Minutes 01:42
Ketsui 05:02
Plaisirs instantanés 02:52
Fun In America 02:12
Iceberg 06:03
Solo en re mineur 01:26
De mémoire 01:33
Two Squares and Three Circles 06:29
Assuming They´re Human 02:49
Cage de fer 02:08
J´aime la musique 05:00
Une poignée de clous 01:53
Domaine revisited 03:41
Riaville Bump 02:14
Total time:  52:01

All arrangements by Fred Frith and René Lussier except # 1 (Frith-Lussier-Cutler)

Recorded live on October 4, 1986 by Guillaume Bengel @ the 4th ´Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville´, Canada except # 3, 6, 11, 14
Tracks 3, 6, 11, 14 recorded on January 6, 1992 by David Avidor @ Studio Sorcerer Sound, New York
Layout: François Bienvenue
Photos: Sylvain Lafleur
Produced by Michel Levasseur
© Les Disques Victo

First release date: 1992 (Re-release on CD of original recording plus additional material)

NOUS AUTRES was the first album released on Les Disques Victo. Now four new tracks recorded on January 1992 in New York were added to the original recording and re-released the same year.

There is a feeling of good humour and rapport with the crowd that doesn´t often get captured on record. Most of the twelve pieces are less than five minutes long and represent an eclectic range of musical flavours - from art-rock to country jigs to electrified improvised music. What they have in common is an adherence to tight repeated rhythmic figures punctuated by bursts of vocal-like electronic effects. This gives a sense of unrelenting control throughout. Sometimes this is used to comic effect as on ´Cage de verre´ where the pattern keeps fading out and inevitably returning; sometimes it allows for complex meters (´J´aime la musique´ has a 15/8 funk beat). The presence of a number of ´guest artists´ add to this variety - Chris Cutler on drums on one cut; and Christoph Anders, Geneviève Letarte and Tenko Ueno singing on others. Jelly Roll Morton even makes an appearance. (…) A very enjoyable record.

Arthur Bull, in: Coda Magazine, 1992

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