Braxton / Bailey
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Anthony Braxton alto & sopranino saxophone
Derek Bailey electric guitar
The Victoria and Albertville Suite
Part I
The Victoria and Albertville Suite
Part I I
Total time:  48:06

Recorded live on October 4, 1986 by Yves Lepage and Jean-Pierre Loiselle @ 4th `Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville´
Editing: René Lussier
Layout: François Bienvenue
Produced by Michel Levasseur
© Les Disques Victo / Les Éditions VICTORIAVILLE (Canada)

First release date: 1993

Of Intellect and Accident
Looking at them, and knowing anything about at all about their respective backgrounds, it´s doubtful that two musicians could be more dissimilar. But that´s precisely the point. The music they make together, an unlikely harmony of intuition and abstraction, revels in exquisite serendipity. Intimate and open, it acknowledges the primacy of the (immediate) moment - spontaneity, attention, urgency - without denying its (eventual) opposition - sustained emotion, elasticity, tranquillity. Like life, it can border on the cruel, find zones of comfort, confront illusion, seek the truth.
Here, the guitar becomes a percussive agent, agile and inquisitive; detached gestures and terse phrasing emphasize texture, projection. Tactile events - shards of splintered chords and ringing notes, resonating chunks - negotiate a new eloquence of melody. Blown reeds outline melismatic contours, suggest prismatic colors, but when provoked shift from conscientious narrative into ´purer´ expression, sheer timbre. Liquid motion defines lyrical states of being, all various and alert.
Together, they realize a duo of dynamics in human proportions. Nothing is constructed or certain, nothing is deliberate or denied. Form, an area of agreement however tacit, is once again the extension of content. In consort, point equals counterpoint. The key is that they need not adjust. There is no room for reconciliation; each event creates its own identity, its own space. Activity invents understanding, meaning: clear, dry polyphony is a transparent argument - vibrant, messy, serene - in an environment of tolerance and trust. Everything is melody. Everything is in order.

At Lange, October 1993

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