Teitelbaum / `Zingaro´ Alves
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Richard Teitelbaum synthesizers, computer
Carlos `Zingaro´ Alves violin
Agora Nada 09:18
The Sea Between 13:07
The Structure # 01 01:37
Sciences Humaines Op. 03 12:45
The Ghosts Of Srebrenica 03:35
Golem Sketches 23:38
Total time:  64:00

All compositions by Richard Teitelbaum (BMI) and Carlos ´Zingaro´ Alves (SPA)

Recorded live on October 1st, 1987 by Yves Lepage, Jean-Pierre Loiselle @ the 15th ´Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville´ for Radio Canada / Musique Actuelle (# 1, 2, 6)
Recorded live on November 29, 1992 by Jorge Gonçalves @ the ´Calouste Gulbenkia´ Foundation in Lisbon (Portugal) (# 3, 4, 5)
Editing: René Lussier
Cover design / Artwork: Carlos ´Zingaro´ Alves
Layout: François Bienvenue
Photos: Sylvain Lafleur
Produced by Michel Levasseur
© Les Disques Victo

First release date: 1993

On THE SEA BETWEEN we discover a robust form of groupcomposing undertaken by Teitelbaum and Zingaro. Like the best improvisers who deploy interactive computer technology (George Lewis, Georg Katzer, Nicolas Collins, Luc Houtkamp, Andres Bosshard), Teitelbaum has discovered ways of overcoming the inherent problem of ´predicting´ what his partner will play by sampling and treating the violin´s sound; thus, Zingaro´s lines can be doubled, tripled, even orchestrated by Teitelbaum. At the same time, Zingaro knows how to keep from interacting with the computer in an obvious and heavy-handed way. His palying rarely mimics or matches the synthetic material. Instead, it sculpts the electronic sound (Golem, indeed), adding a material, bodily dimension to it. Along with an overarching sense of formal balance and development, each piece contains moments of euphoria, such as the spellbinding melodic inventions early in ´Agora Nada´ (…).
There are, in fact, several ´seas´ to be found here: there´s the gulf that separates Zingaro´s acoustic instrument from Tweitelbaum´s electronics; there´s the Atlantic Ocean that stands between Teitelbaum´s stateside home and Zingaro´s native Portugal; and there is the more general channel that runs between any two improvising musicians engaged in constructive instant composition. But this CD reissue has added yet another sea to the ones on the original record. Straddled by the vinyl´s original material, which was recorded in 1987, we find new material, recorded in 1992. Thus, there is a sort of temporal ´sea´ twixt then and now. In all these cases, the literal and metaphorical seas that could hold the elements of THE SEA BETWEEN apart - the cultural, temporal, contextual, and technological waterways - are the same swimming hole in which their remarkably fluid improvisations take form. Music for giant squids and other enigmas - unforgettable or not at all. (…)

John Corbett, Chicago, May 1993

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