Kaiser / O´Rourke
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Henry Kaiser guitars
Jim O´Rourke guitars
All aboard for Futuresville! 07:25
Last of the few 03:50
Just as a wall of quiet flowing
stands near
Stations of the tide 05:15
Born on snowshoes 03:55
A long life is a slow death 20:45
The ocean of truth 09:40
The palace of memory 11:45
Total time:  73:10

All pieces are guitar duets improvised by Henry Kaiser (BMI) and Jim O´Rourke (BMI)
except # 3 which is an O´Rourke solo and # 5 which is a Kaiser solo.
No overdubbing

Recorded on March 3, 1991 DDD
Sound engineer: Phil Bonnet
Artwork: Henry Kaiser
Layout: François Bienvenue
Liner Notes: John Corbett
Produced by Michel Levasseur
© Les Disques Victo / Les Éditions VICTORIAVILLE (Canada)

First release date: 1991

(…) An altogether concentrated duet with an unconventional guitarist, Jim O ´Rourke. Though there´s no overdubbing involved, the pair at some times create textures and timbres reminiscent of the ´50s and ´60s electronic experimenters like Pierre Schaeffer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Morton Subotnick. O´Rourkes ´Just As A Wall Of Quiet Flowing Stands Near´ slowly unfolds as a György Ligeti score might; in general, their longer pieces tend towards such ´spacy´ atmospherics. The confusion of instrumental sounds (can those be guitars?) enriches the musical experience, as they fill in the textures with surprising percussives and organ-like sustains. (…)
Art Lange, in: Down Beat, January 1992

(…) This CD really cooks. (Andrew Jones, in: Montreal Mirror)

(…) A welcome return to free improvising in the form of a guitar duo. Henry´s partner is Jim O ´Rourke, an astounding young player who has already mastered acoustic, electric and prepared guitar vocabulary ! The two met during the ´Company Week´, and so you do hear faint echoes of matchmaker Derek Bailey and Keith Rowe in their work. But by and large they leave the old world behind, heading off boldly into uncharted waters. A great set (recorded in just two hours of studio time!)

Myles Boisen, in: IMA Newsletter

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