Parker - Namtchylak
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Evan Parker soprano- & tenor saxophone
Sainkho Namtchylak voice
Song Of Eclipse 15:49
Transit Of Venus) 08:14
3 Time, That Other Labyrinth
(for Jorge Luis Borges
4 Mars Song 05:36
5 Hurzu 05:36
Total time:  61:56

All music by Evan Parker (PRS) and Sainkho Namtchylak (AKM)

Recorded live on May 15, 1996 by Paul Hodge @ the ´Music Gallery´ in Toronto, Canada.
Editing: Dave Bernez
Artwork: René Derouin
Layout/Photos: François Bienvenue
Liner Notes: Art Lange
Produced by Michel Levasseur
© Les Disques Victo

First release date:1996

Wednesday, May 15th, 1996
Having listened to Evan Parker for close on twenty-five years in a multitude of configurations, there has always been surprise and challenge in his ever developing music; the solo especially. (…)
Altough I had heard several Sainkho Namtchylak recordings on Leo and FMP, I was quite unprepared for the live experience. Her arsenal of sounds come not as trick singing, but story-like; at times vague notions of Madame Butterfly enter my thoughts, another the gurgling dialogue of happy babies; and then so low and deep in the throat as to create a definite shiver.
When they joined the saxophone and voice together, they existed in the space between my ears rather than outside in; filling my brain: Astounding music.

Bill Smith, editor of Coda-Magazine

A field of infinite relationships
It´s a very different sort of world-stitching sound that you get from MARS SONG, the collaboration between Tuvan singer Sainkho Namtchylak and British avantgarde icon Evan Parker. Namtchylak is unique in the wolrd of extended vocalists, who brings the exotic vocabulary of throat-singing and timbral manipulation from her Tuvan heritage into the free improvisational arena. Now living in Europe, Namtchylak has worked with various musicians from the improv community, to often stunning effects, as here. Recorded live in Toronto in May of 1996, just before they both appeared at the new music Victoriaville Festival, this duet meeting finds them chasing each others´ textures and phrases with wide-open ears and new definitions of how to use their respective instruments: Namtchylak evokes reed-like qualities amidst her spectrum of vocal sonorities, while Parker conjures up eloquent chattering on soprano and tenor saxes. A happy pairing.

Josef Woodard, in: JazzTimes, 1997

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