A Suite to the Waiters of the World

Chadbourne / Lovens
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Eugene Chadbourne dobro īsteelī national, 5 stringed electric banjo
Paul Lovens drums, percussion, musical saw
Johnny Won Ton and Donna Ly 09:18
Mt. Pleasant Thoughts of Maryjane 20:41
Snail Roulette
Plunger Patente a Gos 05:25
Husbands and Wives 12:23
Second Serving of Snail 04:43
Disco Stomach 03:33
Acid Disco Stomach 03:30
Fortune Cookie 06:09
I Just Want to Dance All Night 04:07
Total time:  72:15

Recorded live on May 10, 13 & 14, 1996
Collated from three duo performances in New York and Michigan
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First release date: 1997

PATRIZIO consists of duets with Paul Lovens, the German free jazz drum maestro, recorded in New York and Michigan in May 1996. Chadbourne´s perverse, ever buoyant anti-authoritarian plucking (dobro and banjo) elicits inspired percussive clutter from Lovens. Pauses and silence present a contrasting context to, say, the punk assault of Shockabilly (Chadbourne´s 80s rock trio) but Chadbourne´s multistring fireworks foment undiminished. ´Plunger Patente A Gos´ is a shimmering guitar gamelan, ´Husband And Wives´ the plaintive coffee house song Leonard Cohen never wrote. ´Fortune Cookie´ has a majestic out rock climax, its torn textures teetering on the edge of a new guitar insanity. (…)

Ben Watson, in: The Wire, Issue 161, July 1997

Guess Who´s Coming to Dinner
(…) PATRIZIO is distinguished by long stretches of pure sonic interplay, with Lovens charting a course in which he can, by turn, function independently of Chadbourne´s shifting approaches or interchat closely. When Lovens´ musical saw appears, it´s an instrument of incongruous beauty.

Stuart Broomer, in: Coda Magazine, 1998

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