Chadbourne / Kaiser
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Eugene Chadbourne guitar (left channel)
Henry Kaiser guitar (right channel)
Rothko Lumberjack 07:08
Papandanegus Gloriousous 11:50
Captain Fortune
Number Four 04:17
Twilight in Duckburg 11:24
One That All Plectrum Guitar Players
Can Relate to the Ending of
Amber 08:22
Carowinds 03:26
Number Twenty-Two Is 01:20
Letter to Derek 19:41
Total time:  78:24

All pieces are improvisations by Eugene Chadbourne (BMI) and Henry Kaiser (BMI)
except # 7 (Chadbourne)

Guitars used in these recordings: Monteleone Eclipse, Bown 12-Fret, Sobell Double Decker, Moonstone Acoustic Bass, Bown Baritone, Kline Acoustic Bass Prototype, K & S Mexican 12-String, Vigier Surfreter, Jerry Jones 6-String Bass, Klein Custom Electric, Fender Stratocaster, Bohman 12-Fret

Recorded live in December 1997 and March 1998 by Henry Kaiser in Oakland, California
Produced by Eugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser and Michel Levasseur

© Les Éditions VICTORIAVILLE (Canada)

First release date: 1999

Two of today´s most important string pickers meet for the first time paying homage to Derek Bailey
The album is an attractive example of two creative minds finding common ground and launching (musical) conversations of nuance, depth, and flair. Playing acoustic forces both of these fellows to forgo effects, producing some of the strongest music in their repertoires. (…) These two string pickers reach into a bag filled with a rainbow of styles, exploring the nooks and crannies of the guitar, and while the pieces are loosely ´avant-garde´, the label means very little here. There are folk, country, Jazz, classical, and free music influences, but perhaps due to dampening the electricity (at least in the literal sense), many of the tracks are delightfully accessible. There is little nooding, and even the loosest tunes will not chase away the neighbours. The electric elements are kept to low dynamics, and the emphasis is totally on sound creation, with melody and structure often creeping in. (…)

Steven A. Loewy, in: Cadence, Vol. 25, No. 6, June 1999

(…) a feast of virtuoso avant-guitar. (Chris Blackford, in: Rubberneck, No. 30, 1999)

(…) Both players just love that ´fingers and strings´ stuff; I´m certainly reminded of some nice John Russell/Roger Smith duos from the ´70s and I suppose a clichéd mind, such as my own, might regard those two as the UK equivalent. (…)

Steve Beresford, in: Resonance, 1999

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