Bauer / Bauer / Kropinski / Sachse
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Konrad Bauer trombone
Johannes Bauer trombone
Uwe Kropinski acoustic guitar
Joe Sachse electric guitar
 Suite in 5 movements  
Aventure québécoise I 13:13
Aventure québécoise II 08:35
Aventure québécoise III 09:37
Aventure québécoise IV 10:23
Aventure québécoise V 15:39
Total time:  57:29

All music by Konrad Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Uwe Kropinski, Joe Sachse (GEMA)

Recorded live on May 17, 1998 @ 15th ´Festival International de Musique Actuelle´, Victoriaville, Canada
for ´Le navire night´ (Radio-Canada/Chaine culturelle)

Recording engineer: Pierre Plante, Pierre Léger
Photo: Laurence M. Svirchev
Executive producer: Joanne Vézina, Michel Levasseur

© Les Disques Victo, Socan, 1999

First release date: 1999

This strictly improvising quartet (two trombones, two guitars) founded on the 1980´s in the GDR, has kept its anarchistic musicality over the decades and survived all political changes. Since the collapse of the wall in 1989 they travelled extensively in Europe and abroad. Their first CD (Reflections), published in 1986 on FMP (CD 074) gained them critical acclaim worldwide. This is their second release to date, recorded live at Canada´s most prestigious Victoriaville Festival, proving once more their excellency and improvisational aptitude - a thrilling piece of music you shouldn't´miss!

Bones & Guitars
(...) This release was one of those completely incredible sets. DOPPELMOPPEl are an FMP-all-star quartet with only one CD to their name. They consist of the unusual instrumentation of two trombones and two guitars - the legendary Bauer brothers, Konrad and Johannes on bones, plus Uwe Kropinski on acoustic guitar and Joe Sachse on electric guitar. Each of these four players has a distinctive and unique approach to their individual axe. Konrad often plays the long tones, while Johannes will spew forth choppy, twisted, quick-witted tromboning. Uwe´s acoustic guitar seems to come from a classical background, often playing at a furious pace that rarely lets up and stuns all who witness his devilish approach. Joe´s electric guitar uses little or no devices, comes from more of a jazz background and also dazzles us with flurries of activity and no distortion. Although the approaches on each of the same instruments are often so opposite in terms of their sound, they all balance each other perfectly and surprise us with amazing results. A superb recording, this is that Victo magic at its finest!

DMG, Newsletter 32, 24/04/1999

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