Marcley / Moore / Ranaldo
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Christian Marcley turntables and records
Thurston Moore electric guitar
Lee Ranaldo electric guitar, ´krackelbox´ and other objects
Paix, Amour 62:30
Pour Diane Allaire 09:03
Total time:  71:33

All music by Marcley / Moore / Ranaldo

Recorded live on on May 24, 1999 @ the 16th ´Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville´, Canada
Produced by Michel Levasseur

© Les Disques Victo / Les Éditions Victoriaville

First release date: 2000

(…) In Victoriaville´s Colisee, a huge venue that normally hosts hockey matches, Christian Marcley was up there spinning discs as he´s been known for doing since before Djs invaded the culture world. He was creating a wild sound world with records played forward, backward, in the cracks, or as trampolines for bouncing needles. He is also prone to break them into bits or fling them out to the audience, showing the greatest respect for his medium by reinventing usage.
Flanking him were two rock-stars - Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, the sonic conjurers of Sonic Youth - coaxing all manner of weird sounds from their electric guitars. Feedback rose and fell in heaving crescendos, drum sticks were inserted between strings, and for an hour and change, a wall of beautiful noise was erected, then smashed to bits, with no pesky backbeats or melodies to upset the mesmeric abandon.
This was the apt, affectingly climactic event of the 16th annual New Music Festival in Victoriaville, Quebec, still one of the most unique festivals of its kind on the continent.

Josef Woodard, in: The Independent, June 3, 1999

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