Frith / Drouet / Sclavis
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Fred Frith electric guitar
Louis Sclavis clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Jean-Pierre Drouet percussion, objects, voice

There Are Great Stones,
We Must Lift Them
Will Remain Always 07:37
Total time:  60:37

All music by Fred Frith (GEMA), Jean-Pierre Drouet (SACEM) and Louis Sclavis (SACEM)

Recorded live on on May 21, 2000 by Michel Larivière and Denis Leclerc @ the 17th ´Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville´, Canada, for ´Le Navire Night´ (SRC/Radio-Canada)
Artwork: François Bienvenue
Produced by Michel Levasseur

© Les Disques Victo

First release date: 2001

Quotation from the Booklet/Inlaycard
" I have lately determined to work chiefly amongst the zoophytes or corals. It is an enormous branch of the organised world, very little known or arranged and abounding with most curious, yet simple forms and structures."

Charles Darwin

An international trio of great improvisers
Frith, Sclavis and Drouet delivered improvisations with a clear sense of intersecting personal vocabularies. Frith displayed versatility, moving from abstract textures to searing linearity to dulcet, fingerpicked folkish melodiousness. Sclavis responded with lines that built from warm, bubbling melodies to insistent, fiery flurries. Drouet´s whistles, bells, and hand drums were an effective complement, creating a flowing open pulse. Their playing displayed a warm, relaxed sensibility. The extended improvisation moved from open, free sections to heated intensity, ending with an intimate interchange of Flamenco-like, dancing guitar patterns, Arabic modal clarinet, and tinkling percussion. At times though, the improvisation rambled as the three players searched for transitions, particularly toward the end of the set.

Michael Rosenstein, Cadence Magazine, July 2001

(…) This trio not only manages to hold the listener´s attention, but to capture it. There is such a diversity of sound, a rich and invigorating palette, and a fascinating range created that interest never wanes. This is free improv all the way, but the journey is not simple nor the results haphazard. The strategies employed appear to be the consequence of the concentrated discipline that incorporates focused melodic interplay, harmonic sophistication, and sustained development. Every moment is filled with awesome wonder, the kind that wraps the listener in a phantasmagorical wonderland of mythical proportions, cleaving to the clarinet, merging, and expanding possibilities. (…)
Frith, Sclavis and Drouet have combined forces to create a highly entertaining, very successful venture that is one of the most significant releases of the past year.

Steven Loewy, in: Cadence Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 8, August 2001

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