Free Jazz & Improvisation in Film - Kunst - Konzert - Workshops

2. - 5. Juni 2006

Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg 10
10557 Berlin


A follow-up to the regularly held Workshop Freie Musik at the Akademie der Künste up to 1998, INTERPLAY ! BERLIN extends the format to various genres of all arts with these common denominators: Improvised Music and Instant Composing.

International filmmakers, musicians, dancers, performance artists and painters present their works on the Studio Stage (films/concerts/multimedia performances), in the Studio Foyer (exhibitions/talks/film library), and in workshops (club room/studio)


Five films shown are German premières: IRÈNE SCHWEIZER by Gitta Gsell (Switzerland, 2005); FEMMES DU JAZZ/WOMEN IN JAZZ by Gilles Corre(France, 2000); MY NAME IS ALBERT AYLER by Kasper Collin (Sweden, 2005); ESCALATOR OVER THE HILL by Steve Gebhardt (USA, 1970/2005) and IMAGINE THE SOUND by Ron Mann (Canada, 1981).
Filmmakers like Shirley Clarke, Charlotte Zwerin, and Steina Vaskula will be represented with pioneering works on several American 'Giants of Jazz'.
Ebba Jahn will show her jazz film RISING TONES CROSS, made in New York City in 1985, and her video documentary of a performance of the Workshop Freie Musik at the Akademie der Künste in 1983 with AR Penck, Peter Kowald, Phil Minton, and Max Eastley.

Among the rarities these short films can be found: DAYBREAK EXPRESS by DA Pennebaker (USA, 1953), NEW YORK EYE AND EAR CONTROL by Michael Snow (USA, 1964), AMBITUS. CECIL TAYLOR À PARIS by Luc Ferrari and Gérard Patris (France, 1964)

Further films of critical acclaim are CECIL TAYLOR: ALL THE NOTES by Christopher Felver (USA, 2004), the two-part documentary SMITH, JAMES O. - ORGANIST USA by Klaus Wildenhahn (West Germany, 1965), as well as KONZERT IM FREIEN/OPEN AIR CONCERT by Jürgen Böttcher/Strawalde (Germany, 2001), featuring Günter 'Baby' Sommer and Dietmar Diesner.

A performance with Wolfgang Fuchs (cbcl, bcl, ssi, cl), Barre Phillips (b), and Peter Klinkenberg (sound effects) unfolds an imaginary film soundtrack (FILM MUSIQUE IMAGINAIRE).

Günter Christmann shows seven of his experimental films for live music and dancer. Moreover, he exhibits a small number of photographic sequences, and several original CD covers and boxes.

The performance of the Dutch duo PDQ^D, Petra Dolleman (live images) and Peter J.A. van Bergen (live music), represents also a première.

Founded in 1990 by Helge Leiberg, Lothar Fiedler, Dietmar Diesner, and dancer Noriko Wada, who also coined this performance group's name GOKAN (Japanese for 'the senses') now show their improvisational 'Gesamtkunstwerk' including painting, music, and dance ín cooperation with dancer Fine Kwiatkowski.

The New York group around trumpeter and flutist Roy Campbell, dancer Maria Mitchell, bassist Peter Giron and drummer John Betsch includes painting as well - their performance is documented by New York 'jazz action painter' musicWitness® Jeff Schlanger, who creates drawings of avant-garde jazz musicians in performance since thirty years.

Gunter Hampel´s Music & Dance Company opens the series of concerts and performances on June 2nd, which is also Irène Schweizer´s birthday who, on that occasion, will do a solo-concert on June 3rd. Happy birthday, Irène!


From June 2 to 5 art works from artists are presented who are also present at the festival - drawings by Jeff Schlanger, paintings by Gunter Hampel, photographs and original CD boxes and covers by Günter Christmann, audio works by Michael Snow, as well as paintings by Helge Leiberg and Jürgen Böttcher/Strawalde.


Seven workshops are held by Jeff Schlanger, Barre Phillips, Gunter Hampel, Ebba Jahn, Maria Mitchell, and Roy Campbell; numerous panel talks offer the opportunity of practical and theoretical in-depth analysis and discussion of the various topics, as well as the chance to work with individual artists (see list of Workshops).


The film library within the exhibition space offers additional films on music and is open all day during the festival.
Films on DVD or video can be rented and viewed free of charge.
Our thanks to all filmmakers and partners who contributed their works and/or rights to the festival, among them in particular: Jane Balfour, Konstanze Binder, Karen Brookman (Incus), Gilles Corre (DocAdhoc), EuroArts, Christopher Felver, Floros Floridis, Dieter Fränzel, Steve Gebhardt, Gunter Hampel, Claudia Heuermann, Nathalie Hunon, Thorsten Jeß, Axel Kottsieper, Jeanine Meerapfel, Frank N (noexitfilm), Robert O´Haire, Laurence Petit-Jouvet, Jean-François Rettig, Bruce Ricker (Rhapsody Films), Alan Roth, Michael Snow, Deborah Snyder (Synergetic Press), Theo Stich (Filmkollektiv Zürich/Theo Stich), Vega Film, and many others (see film library).


We thank the Akademie der Künste (Dept. for Film and Media Arts, Electro-accoustic Studio) and the FilmMuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek for their cooperation.

INTERPLAY! BERLIN was made possible through funds and support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Embassy of the United States of America, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden, the City of Zurich, bbk berlins e.V., Stiftung Stadmuseum Berlin, MerzMusik, Skoda Automobiles and Reck Filmproduction.

We thank all supporters and artists.

Concept + Realization:

Helma Schleif
Distribution & Communication
Ebba Jahn

Admission fees:

Workshop 1: Workshop on Improvisation w/ Roy Campbell € 65
Workshop 2: Big Band Workshop w/ Gunter Hampel € 65
Workshop 3: Jazz On Film w/ Ebba Jahn € 65
Workshop 4: Making Music For Movies w/ Barre Phillips € 25
Workshop 5: Double Bass Master-Class w/ Barre Phillips € 40
Workshop 6: Dance-Workshop w/ Maria Mitchell € 25
Workshop 7: Drawing-Workshop w/Jeff Schlanger € 25
Festival-Pass (all concerts and films): € 75
Festival-Pass (reduced for workshop-participants and students): € 59
Single day ticket (06/2 and 06/5): € 18
Single day ticket (06/3 and 06/4) € 23
Per concert € 11
Per film € 5
(admission free for festival-pass owners and workshop-participants)
€ 2

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