(Nov 6-8 @ Podewil, Berlin-Mitte)

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Dear friends,

the Total Music Meeting Berlin is acutely endangered in its existence.
Berlin authorities have cut all funding for the Festival which traditionally takes place since 1968 annually and parallel to the Berlin Jazzfest. The abandonment of the TMM aims at discriminating Improvised Music altogether against a more ´compatible´ and ´entertaining´ concept of music as viewed by the local administration.

Since 2000 the Total Music Meeting is organized by Helma Schleif (FMP FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION DISTRIBUTION & COMMUNICATION & ALL) together with Wolfgang Fuchs (artistic director of TMM) and G. Fritze Margull (artistic counsellor), the three of which form the TMM-Committee. They have since then broadened the profile of the TMM by presenting acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic ensembles from all over the world, giving master musicians and young improvisers an equal forum and by extending the musical program with workshops, lectures, panel discussions and exhibitions.

In 2001 George Lewis lectured on his VOYAGER-project (besides playing twice), and for the first time we showed a collection of paintings (´Visual Sounds´) by Improvising Musicians such as Bill Dixon, Tony Oxley, Floros Floridis, Peter Kowald, Paul Lytton, Alexander Schlippenbach, Sven-Ake
Johansson, Uli Gumpert, Carlos Zingaro and Hans Reichel. Additionally we invited photographer Roberto Masotti to show previous work and participate in the festival as its photographer. Evan Parker directed in 2002 a workshop for young improvisers which attracted musicians from the US, Italy, England and Germany. Last year´s festival had been dedicated to Peter Kowald, a co-founder of the TMM, whose sudden death shocked and saddened the community worldwide. Almost all musicians participating had played with Peter in the past.
A fulminant final concert (surprise act) had then been rendered by Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley paying homage to Peter and showing their solidarity with the TMM (which has received a lump sum by Berlin authorities of EURO25,000 last year. In comparison: Berlin Jazzfest budgeted with € 430.000, of which € 235.000 were subsidised).

In the past three years all musicians participating in the festival have manifested their profound solidarity and support by playing for a tiny fee, re-establishing eventually its very beginnings as improvising musicians´ festival.

This year´s festival (November 6 - 8) will stage again international groupings and extraordinary players as well as the King Übü Örchestrü which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, featuring also vocalist Phil Minton, harpist Anne LeBaron, and the double bass-players Fernando Grillo and Bertram Turetzky on this special occasion.

Major works of internationally acclaimed Scottish painter and improvising musician Alan Davie will be shown for the first time in Berlin, executed in collaboration with two renowned galleries and our festival venue Podewil.

In order to maintain and support the festival we have now established an association (Förderverein für Improvisierte Musik e.V.) to raise funds for the Total Music Meeting. Renowned painters like Max Neumann, Hanns Schimansky, and Urs Jaeggi donated works for sale. Eighty prints, each in a limited edition of 20 pieces, can be purchased.

You can be instrumental in the continuation of this festival by writing to:
Mr. Thomas Flierl, Kultursenator, Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Brunnenstr. 188-190, D - 10119 Berlin, Fax +49 30 90228-838
and/or by purchasing an artwork.

Help us to keep the Total Music Meeting alive.

Helma Schleif (FMP FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION Distribution & Communication, a/l/l)
Wolfgang Fuchs (musician/composer, artistic director TMM)
G. Fritze Margull (artist, artistic counsel TMM)

For further information please contact:
Helma Schleif

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