TOTAL MUSIC MEETING 2005 (3 - 6 November)

International Artists Festival For Improvised Music

Berlinische Galerie

Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur

Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, D-10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, close to Potsdamer Platz, the Berlinische Galerie had opened in October 2004 its new building and attracts ever since visitors from all over the world. On 4.600 m2 you will find a superb presentation of modern art, photography and architecture, opened to the audience of TMM until midnight for the duration of the festival. When purchasing a concert ticket you will have free access to these eminent and unique exhibitions, among them the great show on ´100 Jahre Künstlergruppe Brücke 1905-1913´.
For more information on Berlinische Galerie and its fabulous collection of the finest works of art please check:

We happily present TOTAL MUSIC MEETING 2005 at Berlinische Galerie again and wish to express our sincere thanks to Prof. Jörn Merkert, director of Berlinische Galerie, as well as Dr. Ursula Prinz, vice-director, and last but not least to its brilliant and devoted staff for their collaboration and generous support.

TOTAL MUSIC MEETING 2005 is under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, former president of Bundestag.
To her and all mentors, especially Nele Hertling, Alice Ströver, Prof. Claudia v. Alemann, Prof. Urs Jaeggi, Dr. Volker Hassemer, Hans-Joachim Hespos and Dr. Raimund Janz as well as the many sponsors we owe a debt of gratitude for having assisted in the realization of this year´s TMM.

Indispensable and always energizing and encouraging is the feed-back, commitment and spirited contribution of the artists themselves who share with us the responsibility to keep TMM alive despite all fiscal obstacles.
To continually present to an international audience of active listeners the state of their art - improvised contemporary music in its multi-layered aspects -, performed by master-musicians and astounding young talents from all over the world, is the basic idea of TMM.

We dedicate TOTAL MUSIC MEETING 2005 to Albert Mangelsdorff, who died on July 25 but whose music and human kindness will stay forever with us. Many times in the past he had shown his solidarity and support - also in his function as former artistic director of the prestigious JazzFest Berlin - in order to maintain TMM.



Thursday, Nov 3, 7.30 pm

Prof. Dr. Markus Lüpertz and Band / TTT (Germany)
Markus Lüpertz (piano)
Prof. Manfred Schoof (trumpet)
Frank Wollny (bass)
Frank Köllges (drums)
Jesus Canneloni (woodwinds)
Gerd Dudek (woodwinds)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vibraphone)
Peter Sandkaulen (g)

This experiment in music and line-up, known as TTT, has a long performing history but joins forces only on very special occasions for concerts in all parts of the world.
Fundamental to this experiment are improvised themes deriving from different jazz eras and styles which evolve a new structure when connected with ideas from the sphere of painting. All participants, including the listener as spectator, unfold a tonal image which - due to the action of the means chosen like instrumental solos or the groove of the rhythm section - is subject to imminent changes eventually generating a joint and comprehensive work of art. With each concert a new emotional level and hence a new sound-painting will be created. It is unique and cannot be repeated.
The only way to preserve it is by means of audio-recording. Not too many musicians are capable of grasping this task. TTT looks back now to over three decades of refining and developing this experiment - and is looking forward to TMM 05 (Frank Wollny).

Thursday, Nov 3, 9.30 pm
CONCERTS / Auditorium / BG

OING - klaffende leere (Germany)
für schlagspieler und materialsack
Hans-Joachim Hespos (composition)
Ulrik Spies (perc)

Commissioned by Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2004.
5 ½ minutes
The composer Hans-Joachim Hespos will be present.

Urs Leimgruber (ts, ss)
Jacques Demierre (p)
Barre Phillips (b)

Exploring the freedom within musical relationships without resorting to the usual solutions of sound and gesture, this long-standing trio of internationally renowned instrumentalists create surprise and sensibility by interacting not in the conventional sense - they don´t conform but coalesce. They demonstrate that intensity is not measured in decibels, but in jolts of alternating currents - alert details charged with significance in the moment. "They make free music in the best sense of the word - whatever that might turn out to be" (Art Lange).

Wadada Leo Smith (tp, flh, comp)

Leo Smith
instrument-maker -
a man of our times.

Marion Brown

Richard Barrett (computer)
Paul Obermayer (sampling)
Evan Parker (ts, ss)

The duo FURT, founded in 1986 by the British composers Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer, focusses on experimental electronic improvisation since the beginning of the 90´s when new technologies evolved.
Their music acquires much of its power from interacting between free improvisation and systematical composition with f.e. pre-fixed samples which are substantially altered and worked upon during the live performance.
With master-reedist Evan Parker they maintain a long-standing collaboration, also in larger groups.

Friday, Nov 4, 8 pm
CONCERTS Auditorium / BG

John Butcher (ts, ss)
Gino Robair (dr, perc, live electronics)

Berlin debut of San Francisco based percussionist, composer and live-electronicist Gino Robair in duo with reedist John Butcher, an eminent voice of the young British improvising/composing music scene who has toured and broadcasted in over 20 countries. They have often performed together in duo as well as in trio (with Mya Masaoka f.e.) and extended ensembles. Recordings of both have appeared also on Rastascan, a label established in the ´70s by Gino Robair who has also created music for film, television, radio, Shakespearean theatre, and gamelan. Gino has recorded with Wolfgang Fuchs, Anthony Braxton, Tom Waits, John Butcher, Otomo Yoshihide, Eugene Chadbourne, and Terry Riley, and performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, and many others.

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (tombak, daf)

Born 1978 in Isfahan/Iran, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi began his musical training at the city´s music academy at the age of six, studying with master Hossein Purabutaleb. He has not only created new styles and developed extended techniques for the classical percussion instrument tombak, which he successfully introduced in Iran and abroad as solo instrument, freeing it from its traditional role as a mere accompanying instrument, but also seeks to "apply these techniques to the purpose of communicating new spiritual contents and musical sensations" (M.R. Mortazavi).

Magda Mayas (p)
Carlos Galvez Taroncher (bcl)
Koen Nutters (b)
Morten J. Olsen (dr, perc)

This quartet, founded by the young pianist Magda Mayas while still studying with Georg Graewe at Berlin´s Music Academy Hanns Eisler, plays real time compositions unveiling a universe of interrelated sounds and pitches, thus creating new structures and elements within each piece. They have been playing together for three years, refining their music by rehearsing and discussing the material they inject and the strategies of interplay influencing and changing their music slowly over the years.
Their music has been influenced by the sound logic of Helmut Lachenmann, the forms of Matthias Spahlinger and the soundworld of Morton Feldman and Anton Webern.
After having performed in Amsterdam, Cologne and Düsseldorf this is their first appearance at TMM.

Wadada Leo Smith (tp, flh)
Barre Phillips (b)
Günter ´Baby´ Sommer (dr, perc)

´Touch the Earth´ and ´ Break the Shells´, eminent trio-recordings by Leo Wadada Smith, Peter Kowald and Günter ´Baby´ Sommer (1979/1981), have written music history. "Like a little tribe they got together, a rare ethno group with different backgrounds. In a mini-van they toured the impassable areas of the culture industry, turned up to do concerts here and there, playing a kind of music, which left those stunned, who committed themselves to listen. With their feet on the ground, but taking off just a little bit. Without a message, but with a claim: with sounds and rhythms, which are enough in themselves and at the same time point to something else." (Bert Noglik).
With Barre Phillips, once Kowald´s adored teacher, this masterly trio will open some more shells
- in memoriam Peter Kowald.

Saturday, Nov 5, 8 pm
CONCERTS Auditorium / BG

´Freedom Of Speech´ is a ´festival within the festival´, a conjunction of three European Festivals for Improvised Music (TMM/Berlin - Controindicazione/Rome - Interactivity Festival/The Hague), whose organizers collectively
shaped this evening´s program.

Wolfgang Fuchs (cbcl, bcl, ssi)
Axel Dörner (tp)
Thomas lehn (analogue synthesizer)
DJIllVibe, aka Vincent v. Schlippenbach (turntables)

This newly formed electro-acoustic quartet of some of the finest German instrumentalists disposes of an unusual improvisational potential, developing on the background of their individual musical approaches and differing performing experiences to eventually creating a common language: Colloquial German.
DJIllVibe´s performance is a first appearance at TMM.

John Butcher (ts, ss)
Lisle Ellis (b)
Fabrizio Spera (dr, perc)

A ´classic´ instrumental line-up which nevertheless has discovered many intriguing seams to mine, far beyond traditional ´standards´. Together they evolve an organic and impeccable sound vocabulary based on virtuosity and creativity.
For the first time performing at TMM in Berlin is the Canadian bass-player Lisle Ellis, who has also collaborated with pianist Paul Plimley, Paul Bley, Marilyn Crispell, Cecil Taylor, reedist Jimmy Lyons, Steve Potts, Glenn Spearman, drummer Andrew Cyrille and the late Denis Charles.

An installation by LUST / LOOS (NL)
Defining space, experiencing pressure and release through image and sound.

Dmitri Nieuwenhuizen (Studio LUST)
Thomas Castro (Studio LUST)
Peter J.A. van Bergen (live electronics, computers, ss, ts, ascl, bcl, cbcl, EWI)
Huib Emmer (live electronics, e-guit)
Gerard Bouwhuis (p, keyboard)
Patricio Wang (e-guit), bass-guit)
Johan Faber (perc, marimba, vibes)

Concept/design image: LUST
Concept/design sound: LOOS
Production/realisation: LUST/LOOS

Relation towards ´Freedom Of Speech´: The human mind a world of suppression.
Imagine a space filled with thick fluid. Each visitor who enters that space generates circle shaped waveforms with every step taken. The waves slowly expand, as if they were dancing. Each wave generated is reflected against any other object in the space, whether it be another visitor or the walls of the space itself. Each time they reflect, a counter movement is generated multiplying the waves already present. The overlapping of waves will cause a moiré effect. They act to define the space.
The waves are linked to a quadrophonic sound system which will emphasize the visitor´s notion of his or her position within the space - a reference to similar metaphors such as the navigation of bats or the use of radar among submarines. The generated sounds/music will be directly related to the shape and movement of the positional waves. Slowly builded and developed circles and ´waves´ of overtones, starting from and moving between the surround soundsystem, will give the visitor an auditive and physical sensation of being moved, taken, captured, pressed and released.

TheLOOS-Ensemble is the leading formation of the LOOS Foundation under the direction of composer and multiinstrumentalist Peter van Bergen. Since the late 1980´s this exceptional and highly specialised group initiated, generated and developed an extensive and impressive repertoire of contemporary music. In 2000 the LOOS Ensemble received the prestigious GeNeCoPrize (Dutch Composers Award) for ´exceptional merits in Contemporary Music of The Netherlands´.
The musicians of the ensemble have an enormous experience in the performance of all kinds of contemporary composed music, played in all major ensembles of The Netherlands, and had been closely involved in the development of the famous The Hague School, a very specific direction in Dutch contemporary music. The LOOS Ensemble is in its performing style and repertoire choices closely related to a specific direction within The Hague School, and is generally seen as its most prominent contemporary representative.
The incorporation of live electronics (analogue, digital, or computer controlled) and confrontation with other disciplines in art by the LOOS Ensemble adds a new dimension to the compositional results of the Hague School of the past.

Sunday, Nov 6, 11.30 am

Documentary film, 72 minutes, colour
Produced and directed by Christopher Felver

The director will be present for Q/A.
Christopher Felver is an artist of many trades. Filmmaker, photographer and fine artist, just to name a few. He lives in Sausalito, CA.

"It took me a decade to make the 72-minute work because it all had to be done on the fly. Cecil is a very private person, and he would never answer direct questions, and he wouldn't pose for interviews. I had to ´trap´ him into talking. I had to have the camera ready when I knew he was willing to talk."
It was enough for Felver to capture, in breezy fashion, key essences of one of the true giants of post-war music, a man whose playing the late classical piano icon Glenn Gould once described as "the most formidable pianism these ears have heard: This is the great divine of American piano playing."

WORKSHOPS (3 hours daily)

Workshop 1:
Percussion-Workshop with Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (Nov 3 - 5)

For beginners and advanced musicians. Ensemble work & percussion techniques.
Please bring along your percussion instruments

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (tombak, daf) l) is living in Berlin and Iran. Had been awarded in 2003 with the Rudolfstädter Newcomer-Music Prize ´Ruth´.
The 27 year old musician is an experienced teacher especially for graduates. Nevertheless he is willing and interested in meeting and training also beginners.

Workshop 2:
Multimedia-Workshop with Gino Robair (Nov 3 - 5)
Group improvisation in a multimedia environment

In this workshop, we will create a multi-movement piece that combines open-ended structures and free improvisation. The result will be somewhat of a ´guerrilla opera´, using conduction (hand cues), graphic scores, and memory-improv structures. The workshop is open to any type of artist: musicians, dancers, painters, photographers, videographers, sculptors, and computer-based artists. We will focus in particular on strategies for interdisciplinary group interaction.
The literary element of the workshop is based on the writings of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. Norton declared himself emperor in 1859 and promptly abolished Congress, decreed bridges be built over the ocean, and printed his own money. Consequently, the piece may have a political subtext that resonates with the current geo-political situation. The words, letters, rhythms, and structure of Norton´s texts will be used as source material by each performer.

Gino Robair (dr, perc, live electronics) works with percussion and electronics and is based in San Francisco. He has created music for film, television, radio, Shakespearean theater, and gamelan. Gino has recorded with Wolfgang Fuchs, Anthony Braxton, Tom Waits, John Butcher, Otomo Yoshihide, Eugene Chadbourne, and Terry Riley, and performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, and many others.

Workshop 3:
Free Improvisation with Urs Leimgruber (ts, ss) and Jacques Demierre (p)
(only Nov 4)

In this workshop on free improvisation as ´instant composing´ pianist Jacques Demierre and reedist Urs Leimgruber propose to work collectively as well as in small groups.

Urs Leimgruber (ts, ss), ), b. 1952 in Lucern. Is living in Paris since 1988. Has been active for many years in the areas of contemporary improvisation, composition, jazz, and new music. Touring West- and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada and South America, he had appeared at concerts an on recordings with musicians like Steve Lacy, Joe McPhee, Louis Sclavis, Hans Koch, Françoise Kubler, Pauline Oliveiros, Harry Sparnaay, Herb Robertson, Daunik Lazro, Jacques Demierre, and many others. Urs has also performed extensively as a soloist and has been involved in mixed media presentations, providing music for dance, radio plays and film.
Jacques Demierre (p), b. 1954 in Geneva. His main activities comprise composed and improvised music, jazzpoetry, performances and sound installations. He composes for theatre and film, dance and contemporary chambermusic ensembles. Is regularily performing as solo artist

All workshops will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts / Akademie der Künste (Clubraum), located at Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin-Tiergarten.
Public transport: U-Bahn Hansaplatz, S-Bahn Bellevue, Bus 343.
The schedule will soon be announced

Workshop 1 (M. R. Mortazavi): Euro 75.00 (incl. Festival-Pass*: Euro 110.00)
Workshop 2 (G. Robair): Euro 75.00 (incl. Festival-Pass*: Euro 110.00)
Workshop 3 (U. Leimgruber / J. Demierre): Euro 35.00 (incl. Festival-Pass*: Euro 80.00)

Registration form Workshops

* The Festival-Pass is valid for all TMM-concerts at the Auditorium on Nov 3, 4, 5)
and for attending all exhibitions at Berlinischen Galerie, opened until midnight during TMM
Opening hours of Berlinische Galerie: 12 am - 12 pm (Nov 3 / 4 / 5 ); Sunday 10 am - 6 pm (Nov 6)

Please note:
The Opening Concert of the Markus-Lüpertz Ensemble TTT at 7.30 pm on Nov 3 presented in the Main Exhibition Hall of BG as well as the filmscreening of ´Cecil Taylor: All The Notes´ (USA 2004/2005, produced & directed by Chris Felver) at 11.30 am on Nov 6 presented in the Auditorium of BG will be extra-charged.

For all Workshop-participants and Festival-Pass-owner we offer a reduced ticket-price of Euro 10,00 for the Opening Concert on Nov 3rd.

Tickets for the Film-Matinée (director Felver will be present for Q/A) on Nov 6, 11.30 am, will be available for a standard price of Euro 5,00.

Single evening ticket: Euro 18.00
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Single ticket Opening Concert: Euro 15 00
valid for Opening Concert only plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Single ticket Filmscreening: Euro 5.00

Festival-pass: Euro 50.00
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus all exhibitions
at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Festival-pass + Opening Concert Main Hall: Euro 60.00
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus Opening Concert plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Festival-pass + Opening Concert Main Hall + Filmscreening: Euro 65.00
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus Opening Concert plus filmscreening plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Workshops: Euro 75.00 (Workshop 1 or 2); Euro 35,00 (Workshop 3)

Workshop + Festival-pass: Euro 110.00 (Workshop 1 or 2)
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Workshop + Festival-pass: Euro 80.00 (Workshop 3)
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

Workshop + Festival-pass + Opening Concert Main Hall: Euro 120.00 resp. Euro 90.00
valid for all concerts at the Auditorium / BG on Nov 3, 4, 5 plus Opening Concert plus all exhibitions at BG (12 am - 12 pm)

All tickets available at the counter of Berlinische Galerie.
Ticket sale starts Oct 25

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Helma Schleif (Organisation/Program)
Wolfgang Fuchs (Artistic director)
G. Fritze Margull (Program counselor)

Prof. Jörn Merkert (Berlinische Galerie) / Nele Hertling (Berliner Künstlerprogramm DAAD) / Alice Ströver (MdA, Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Vors. Ausschuss für kulturelle Angelegenheiten) / Prof. Claudia v. Alemann (Alemann Filmproduktion) / Prof. Urs Jaeggi (FU Berlin, Autor, bildender Künstler) / Dr. Volker Hassemer (Kultursenator a.D., Projekt Forum Zukunft Kultur) / Hans-Joachim Hespos (Komponist) / Dr. Raimund Janz (Mathematiker)

TMM is under the auspices of
Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (Präsidentin des Deutschen Bundestages a.D.)

Hrólfur Vagnsson (sound engineer) / Carsten Klopfer, Martin Buricke (stage) /
Josef Abdel-Wahed (light) / Ingeborg Ermer, Anette Merz, Werner Merz, Susanne Röwer, Marianne Wagner-Simon, Bahar Naderi, Werner Meyke, John Rottiers (media) / Klaus Untiet (printmedia) / Rüdiger Lautenschlag (logistics) / Claudia von Alemann (filmdokumentation) / Christopher Felver, Ingo Kniest (festivalphotography)

Plakatmotiv/Cover motive program brochure: Markus Lüpertz: Unser täglich Brot III, Dithyrambisch, 1972
Leihgeber: Hans Peter Hallwachs
We thank Prof. Dr. Markus Lüpertz and Hans Peter Hallwachs for their generous assistance.

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