6 - 9 November 2008

International Artists Festival For Improvised Music

Berlinische Galerie

Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur

Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, D-10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg


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6 November 2008 | opening: 19.30 hrs

Julie Tippett
Willi Kellers dr, perc
Keith Tippett piano

John Edwards double bass solo

- Intermission -

Tomek Choloniewski dr, perc
Miho Iwata performance

QUINQUINTET Fred Van Hove piano
John Edwards double bass
Adam Linson double bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo drums
Tomek Choloniewski drums

7 November 2008 | 19.30 hrs

Peter Evans trumpet solo

Anthony Pateras prepared piano
Lê Quan Ninh percussion

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through
the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory

- Intermission -

Manfred Schoof trumpet
Gerd Dudek tenor & soprano saxophones
John Edwards double bass
Günter ´Baby´ Sommer dr, perc

8 November 2008 | 19.30 hrs

Alvin CurranTransDadaExpress (extraordinary renderings) solo performance


joined by the artist SARAH B. ECKEL Ronit Kirchman
violin, live electronics
Philipp Wachsmann violin, live electronics
Paul Lytton dr, perc, live electronics
Sarah B. Eckel action painting

- Intermission -

Evan Parker tenor & soprano saxophones
Peter Evans trumpet
Adam Linson double bass
Richard Barrett sampling keyboard, live electronics

9 November 2008

12.00 hrs

German Avant-Premiere
Luxembourg 2008, 106 min.
Portrait of jazz drummer and composer Sunny Murray

15.30 hrs

Final Concerts: Workshops

Pupils of the elementary school Stechlinsee present their project ´Die ruhige Schildkröte´

Ld: Ariel Shibolet (ss)
Assisted by Wolfgang Fuchs (cbcl, bcl, ssi) and Klaus Emrich

With participants of the workshops led by
Ronit Kirchman (violin) and Anthony Pateras (prepared piano)



Thursday 6 November 2008, 19.30 hrs

Julie Tippett
Willi Kellers drums, percussion
Keith Tippett piano

The feed-back following the trio´s concert last year at TMM - after a period of 14 years of absence - was so overwhelming that we invited them to open this year´s TMM programme on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music In Berlin".

Julie Tippett
Born on June 6, 1947 in London as daughter of a trumpeter, she started her performing career in the age of 15. Her debut recording followed in 1963 with the song ´Take Me By the Hand´; co-founded in 1965, together with Brian Auger, Steampacket, featuring also Rod Stewart and Long John. Her most famous single hits were ´Save Me´ (1967), ´This Wheel´s on Fire´ (1968) and ´Road to Cairo´ (1969). Her first solo-album was with Polydor in 1969, with a band of Jazz- and Blues musicians and pianist Keith Tippett, whom she married shortly after.
In 1970 she gave up her career in the pop- and jazz rock industry to become one of the foremost European vocalists in the field of contemporary jazz and improvised music working with some of the world´s leading improvising musicians today.
Julie´s extended use of the voice as an instrument has led her to develop a vocal technique beyond boundaries of a conventional singer. During the 1970´s she explored the range of vocal possibilities in groups such as the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Centipede, Ovary Lodge, Voice (with Maggie Nicols and Phil Minton) and The Ark. In the 1980s she was to be found working in a myriad of duos, trios and small ensembles. Much of this work has been documented on vinyl and CD. The 1990´s brought the opportunity once more to work in several large ensembles including Mujician and The Georgian Ensemble, The Dedication Orchestra (in memory of the exiled South African musicians of the Blue Notes) and Keith Tippett´s Tapestry). In more recent years Julie has undertaken a number of arts in education projects and workshops (both with school children and adult groups) including classes for voice improvisation at the Dartington International Summer School, the Welsh College of Music and Drama, and the ´Crossings´ educational trip to Cape Town, South Africa in 1998, employing her natural ability to communicate and encourage others.
Her numerous recordings which feature many of her own compositions as well as extensive improvisations demonstrate her consummate musicianship.
Regarding her collaboration with Keith Julie once said: "We never rehearse together or talk about what we´re going to do. You´re living on your nerve ends. It´s like being in a dream and yet awake at the same time because you have to respond as well as to instigate and your whole body is tuned to going for the magic."

Willi Kellers
Born in 1950 in Münster, lives in Berlin. Started his musical education in 1960 (drums, piano, theory). From 1972 to 1979 studies at Musikhochschule Detmold. Frequent collaboration with Peter Brötzmann, Willem Breuker, Frank Wright and Harry Miller. Toured the GDR in 1982 with Tony Oxley, Uli Gumpert, Hannes Bauer and others. Performed with Gerd Dudek, Manfred Schoof, Achim Knispel, Trevor Watts. In 1982 he became musical director of Schauspielhaus Bochum. Since 1984 formation of bands featuring Lol Coxhill, Phil Minton, Keith Tippett and Julie Tippett, and numerous performances as soloist. Has toured widely with Hans Reichel, Heinz Becker, Barre Phillips, Peter Kowald, Marilyn Crispell, Fred Frith, Charles Gayle, Cecil Taylor, and many others.
In 1972 working for theatres in Münster, Recklinghausen and Hamburg, later on as composer for theatres in Bochum, Cologne, Bale, Hamburg, Vienna. Composed the music for Jumbo Track by playright Franz Xaver Kroetz in 1983, for Schlapper Wind aus Nordwest by Dieter Fietzke in 1983), Sweeney Agonistes by Thorsten Lensing, as well as for Heiner Müller, George Tabori, Dimiter Gotscheff, F.K. Waechter, Max Färberböck and recently for a German-Armenian stage-production. Has contributed widely in mixed-media projects at Kunsthaus Essen, Von-der-Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, Landesmuseum Münster, Kunstmarkt Göttingen, etc.

Keith Tippett
Born August 25, 1947 in Bristol. Since the late 1960´s the pianist, composer, arranger, performer and educator has followed an unparalleled career, ranging from jazz-rock to spontaneous composition. He is regarded as one of the most uncompromising and influential pioneers in jazz, jazz-rock and improvised music, having contributed widely to their development.
Since 1964 collaboration with the Blue Notes (Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Johnny Dyani, Louis Moholo) as well as Elton Dean, Mark Charig, Nick Evans, John Marshall, and others. His sextet became one of the leading groupings in the 1960´s and 1970´s. Formed many other bands, among them the legendary Centipede assembling 50 musicians from the spheres of Jazz, Rock, Folk as well as classically trained musicians; Ovary Lodge, The Ark, Mujician (in various line-ups), Dedication Orchestra, Tapestry, etc.
Member of Derek Bailey´s Company; extensive collaboration with Larry Stabbins, Stan Tracey, Evan Parker, Andy Sheppard, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rutherford, Paul Rogers, Tony Levin, Howard Riley, Hatty Miller, Peter Fairclough, Peter Brötzmann, Willi Kellers, Hans Reichel, Zim Ngqawana and his group ´Ingomaand´ and with vocalist Julie Tippetts. Often performing also as a soloist. Founded in the 1970´s the Dartington International Summer School, where he and Julie work as educator. Composed and arranged largely for film and radio. Has published since 1969 a hundred recordings on vinyl and CD.

Thursday 6 November 2008 | 2nd act

John Edwards double bass solo
Last year, when John played in trio with Evan Parker and Louis Moholo-Moholo, we already discussed the possibility to eventually present him as a soloist on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music in Berlin". It is one of these concerts you shouldn´t miss.

John Edwards
began on the double bass in the late 1980´s. In 1990 he came in contact with musicians such as Roger Turner, Lol Coxhill, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton, Evan Parker, Louis Moholo-Moholo and Eddie Prevost. He is now an important member of the London music scene and works with musicians including Evan Parker, Tony Bevan, Veryan Weston and Mark Sanders. Edwards also plays solo, composes and is involved in music theatre. He is seen as one of the younger generation of bass players, but is in great demand in the free jazz and impro scene having played at all important festivals in Europe, New Zealand and the U.S.
He also makes an appearance in Antoine Prum´s film portrait SUNNY`S TIME NOW which will be premiered on Sunday, 9 November, 12.00 hrs at TMM.


Thursday 6 November 2008 | 3rd act

Tomek Choloniewskiperc
Miho Iwata performance

It is our great pleasure to present for the first time at a TMM in Berlin two accomplished young artists from Poland and Japan who gained wide recognition for their artistic achievements. Their duo-work is based on a longstanding collaboration.

Tomek Choloniewski
Born in 1977 in Cracow as the son of the renowned composer and pioneer of electronic music Marek Choloniewski, Tomek is one of today´s leading young improvisers in Poland.
He has set up various groupings of his own, and is working frequently with dancers.
He studied at the Academy of Music in Cracow and graduated with distinction.
His interests are particularly focused on improvised music.
He continually collaborates with the Beethoven Orchestra with which he participated in many premiere performances in Poland, Holland, Germany, Italy.
He has performed on several occasions at the Cracow Audio Art Festival and within a series of concerts of electronic music at the Electro-acoustic Music Studio in He has participated in many music festivals including ´Unsound´ (2004) and ´House Atmosphere´ (2004) in Cracow, ´Plain Music´ (2004) and ´Transform of Sound´ (2006) in Warsaw, ´Fortalicje´ in Zamosc (2004, 2005), ´NPAI´ (2004) in Parthenay, ´Audio Art´ (2003) in Seul, ´Jazz D'Or´ (2005) in Strasbourg, ´Festival de Butoh´ (2006) in Paris, ´Polish Sound Art´(2006) in Foshan, Ghuanghzou, Beijing and Shanghai, ´Ad Libitum´ (2007) in Warsaw, ´Cultures Of The World´ (2008) in Gdansk.
In 2002 he has been a consultant to the Cracow/Stuttgart International Workshops of Contemporary Music. In 2003 he has served as lecturer at the National University of Seoul. He has played with many Polish and European musicians and dancers (Amareya Theater, Slawomir Berny, Frederic Blondy, Richard Boulanger, Przemyslaw Branny, John Butcher, Marek Choloniewski, India Czajkowska, Rafal Drewniany, Dickson Dee, Attila Dora, Marcin Dymiter, Michal Dymny, DJ Edee Dee, Diego Espinosa, Misha Feign, Bartlomiej Gliniak, Lukasz Golec, Pawel Golec, Michal Gorczyca, Michal Górczynski, Carlos Iturralde, Krzysztof Iwanicki, Miho Iwata, Wlodzimierz Kiniorski, Wojtek Kosma, Kuba Kossak, Pawel Kukiz, Joan Laage, Juan Sebastian Lach Lau, Joanna Lampa, Andrzej Lampert, DJ Lenar, Marzena Lis, Milosz Luczynski, Darek Makaruk, Rafal Mazur, Maciej Miecznikowski, Czeslaw Minkus, Phil Minton, Lawrence ´Butch´ Morris, Nicolas Muller, Tomasz Nazarewicz, Keir Neuringer, Le Quan Ninh, Tatiana Okupnik, Marek Olma, Paulina Owczarek, Mikolaj Palosz, Juan Parra, Andrzej Piaseczny, Jan Pilch, Kazimierz Pyzik, Horst Rickels, Raphael Roginski, Gilad Roth, Maciej Silski, Joanna Slowinska, LaDonna Smith, Tomasz Stanko, Justyna Steczkowska, Raymond Strid, Lukasz Szalankiewicz, Pawel Szamburski, Olga Szwajgier, Marcin Slusarczyk, Krzysztof Trzewiczek, Maciej Walczak, Tom Walsh, Marek Wilczynski, Szymon Wydra, Patryk Zakrocki, MX ZEHN).
His film work includes composition of soundtracks for animated movies (directed by Marta Pajek). He also works as a teacher.

Miho Iwata
Born in 1962 in Ichinomiya-shi, Japan; studied architecture at Kyoto Prefectural University and Polish Philology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She has been living in Cracow since 1986.
In 1994 she started her artistic career with the solo performance entitled ´Legs of Pigeon" at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow, where she met Daisuke Yoshimoto's butoh in 1991. Later she presented her scenic works ´Granat´, ´The Moon and Fish Neck´, ´Utsusemi´, etc.
Her performance works were shown many times individually and at festivals in many towns in Poland and abroad. All of her works are prepared by herself, from choreography to scenography.
Since 2002 she has turned to improvisation. She started work with musicians as a member of Improviser's Ensemble/presence name; Improvising Artists. She also started her solo improvisation performance entitled ´Thousands of Dreams´ in Otwarta Pracownia Gallery in Cracow. ´Thousands of Dreams" is a sequence in silence without additional theatrical effects like lighting or sounds, just using the original spirit and atmosphere of the particular space for her action.
This work acquired its special character during her artist-in-residency at Kyoto Art Center in 2006, when she performed in the ancient forest of Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine, in former Meirin Kindergarten, or in traditional ´machiya´ house gardens in Kyoto.
After that residency she often gave open air performances, among them at the ART-POINT Festival organized by Sigune von Osten (Trombacher Hof, Germany, 2007), in the historical garden of Ryang Garden Museum(Foshan, China, 2006), at the Baltic beach of Ustka, Poland, 2008, at the railway station of Raciborz, etc.
In 2008 she started a new project named ´Invisible Places´ - a video installation which shows the specific atmosphere and spirit of the place through her performance and video films. Her first individual exhibition was presented at the Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery in Ustka.
She also does performance work for exhibitions of other artists: Marek Chlanda's sculptures, the Rdzen group's installation with living cocks and ducks in Zacheta Gallery, Pirko Schroeder's video installation, Thomas May's installation using grass, Jozef Robakowski's video work, etc. She has also performed for animation films: Katarzyna Kifert's ´Sea, Swallow Me´, Piotr Jakubowicz's ´Triptych Pt. 3´, etc. She participated in multimedia live projects of Marek Choloniewski, Wojciech Kosma and Maciej Walczak, and performed in Tetsuo Furudate's DADAYAMA project for Deutschlandradio.
She is continuing her co-projects with improvising musicians like Tomek Choloniewski (percussion), Malgorzata von Frankenstein (bass guitar), and Kojiro Yoshida, the Japanese traditional music flautist (´nokan´).
Her works are presented in many important places and festivals, among them Tesla (Berlin), Kyoto Art Center, Ujazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Centre, Zacheta Gallery (Warsaw), Krzysztofory Gallery, Otwarta Pracownia, Bunkier Sztuki-Cracow Contemporary Art Gallery, Solvay Contemporary Art Centre (Cracow), BWA Gallery (Lublin), Manhattan Gallery (Lodz), Arsenal (Bialystok).

Do 6. November 2008 / 4th act

Fred Van Hove
John Edwards double bass
Adam Linson double bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo drums
Tomek Choloniewski drums

You don´t have to be a prophet to foresee that the music of the Quintessential Quintet, set up by Fred Van Hove on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music in Berlin", will become one of the great highlights of the festival, inspiring hearts and minds.

Fred Van Hove
Born 1937 in Antwerp. A professional free-lance composer, pianist, organist and accordionist since 1964, he first collaborated in 1966 with Peter Brötzmann, in itially in quartet or larger groupings (´Machine Gun´), then in trio with Han Bennink. Participated in the first Total Music Meeting in Berlin in 1968. First solo concerts in 1970. Founded in 1972 the musicians´ collective WIM (Werkgroep Improviserende Musici) and formed a number of landmark groups. 1983 Artist-in-residence of the Berlin Artists Programme of the DAAD and concerts with MLA, MLA Blek, ML DD 4 and local musicians (`Berliner Begegnungen´). Extensive collaboration and tours with Steve Lacy, Vinko Globokar, Albert Mangelsdorff, Lol Coxhill, Annick Nozati, Johannes Bauer, Wolfgang Fuchs, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Rutherford, André Goudbeek, Ivo Vander Borght, Hans Reichel, Ned Rothenberg, Phil Wachsmann, Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Sabu Toyozumi, Tetsu Saitoh, Paul Rogers, Paul Lytton.
Fred Van Hove has cooperated with poets and painters (the action painter W.J.C. Free) and held seminars and workshops on improvisation all over Europe. In June 1996 the Belgian government conferred on Fred Van Hove the title of Cultural Ambassador of Flanders 1996.
He has composed widely, for several WIM projects as well as for film and theatre. Extensive discography, among them ´Facetten` (solo- and duo work with W. Fuchs, a/l/l 012, TMM 2004) and ´Journey´ (solo-work, psi 08.03, 2008)

John Edwards
see John Edwards 6 November

Adam Linson
orn 19 June 1975 in Los Angeles, currently based in Berlin. The improviser and composer also develops real-time interactive music software for live performance as heard on his solo album for double bass and electronics ´Cut and Continuum´ (psi, 2006).
Linson studied music with George Lewis and Bertram Turetzky at the University of California, San Diego, where he earned a bachelor´s degree in Philosophy. He has appeared as a guest performer with the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, with one performance documented on ´The Eleventh Hour´ (ECM, 2005) and another broadcast on the German radio station WDR. His quartet performance with Evan Parker, Phil Wachsmann, and Paul Lytton was called "a model of integrated flesh and metal" by the Sunday Herald. He was also a guest performer with the Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio.
Recently, Linson recorded a duet album with Lawrence Casserley, and a quartet album with ´Systems Quartet´ in which Linson is joined by Axel Dörner, Paul Lytton, and Rudi Mahall. He has performed on both sides of the Atlantic and in numerous European festivals such as the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in the UK and the Cologne Triennial in Germany. In 2004 and 2008, he was a resident at STEIM, the studio for electro-instrumental music in Amsterdam, where he developed custom electronic controllers for his GNU/Linux-based music software.
He continues to perform and collaborate internationally in various constellations, including a quartet with Evan Parker, Richard Barrett, and Peter Evans, an octet led by John Butcher, and a trio with Nate Wooley and Harris Eisenstadt.
"Adam Linson has arrived at a propitious moment; the 20th century has dropped behind the horizon, but the 21st has yet to be given permanent shape. He has the expanded skill set and the big ears necessary to make music that stands up to the severest scrutiny now and in the coming decades. His work will undoubtedly be closely monitored by discerning listeners around the world for many years to come." (Bill Shoemaker, May 2008)

Louis Tebugo Moholo-Moholo
Born 10 March 1940 in Cape Town, Southafrica, he emigrated to Europe with the ´Blue Notes´ in 1964, eventually settling in London, where he formed part of a South African exile community that was to make a unique and long standing contribution to British free music. He was a member of the legendary ´Brotherhood Of Breath´ and the founder of ´Viva-La-Black´ and the ´Dedication Orchestra´. His first album under his own name, ´ Spirits Rejoice´ (Ogun) is considered a classic example of the combination of British and South-African players. Moholo has played with all leading artists of the free music scene, including Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Enrico Rava, Roswell Rudd, Irène Schweizer, Cecil Taylor, John Tchicai, Archie Shepp, Peter Brötzmann, Keith Tippett, Elton Dean and Harry Miller.
Moholo returned to South Africa in September 2005, performing with George Lewis at the UNYAZI Festival of Electronic Music in Johannisburg, and also with Evan Parker. He has formed since then a big band in Cape Town (´Hear our Heart´s Vibrations´). "I want to breathe new life into South African jazz", he said, and we would have liked to invite also some of its young musicians to this year´s TMM but moneywise we just couldn´t.
In an interview on Moholo-Moholo once stated: "I would have made a lot of money playing pop music. A lot of pop bands wanted me to join them; John Lennon and Frank Zappa had an interest; I turned them down … It was our music that saw to it that the Berlin Wall fell. We liberated our country partly through this music. Everybody gave a hand - Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Keith Tippett, Elton Dean, John Stevens, Johnny Dyani, Mongs. We broke the barriers; down fell the Berlin Wall... Music is the healing force of the universe. The political disease that was there needed music to heal it up" (

Tomek Choloniewski
see 6 November.

Fr 7. November 2008 | 19.30 hrs

Peter Evans trumpet solo

TMM-debut of Peter Evans, "the astonishing new voice on that most demanding of instruments - the trumpet" (Evan Parker), presented on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music in Berlin" . When we asked Evan for Peter´s email, his split-second reply was: "Good choice." Indeed.

Peter Evans
Born in 1981, he grew up near Boston, and moved to New York in 2003, after graduating from Oberlin Conservatory with a bachelor of music degree in classical trumpet performance. While at Oberlin, Evans was able to collaborate and perform with many musicians, including James Dillon, George Lewis, Frances-Marie Uitti, and Ursula Oppens.
He has been a member of the New York musical community since then, working in a wide variety of areas, including solo performance, chamber orchestras, performance art, free improvised settings, electro-acoustic music and composition. As a performer, Evans has been working to break through the technical barriers of his instrument and enjoys playing with steady configurations of improvisers; each band explores a specific concept or style as much as possible.
Current bands include the Peter Evans Quartet (with Brandon Seabrook, Tom Blancarte, & Kevin Shea), Moppa Elliott´s terrorist bebop band ´Mostly Other People Do the Killing´, the hyperactive free-improvisation duo ´Sparks´ (with Tom Blancarte), the free-jazz quintet ´Carnivalskin´ (with Klaus Kugel and Bruce Eisenbeil), the ´Language Of´ with Charles Evans, duos with trumpeter Nate Wooley and saxophonist Dave Reminick, the ´New York Trumpet Ensemble´, as well as a sustained interest in solo performance.
In New York, Peter also performs contemporary notated music with groups such as the International Contemporary Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound, Contiuum, and Ensemble 21. He has continued to perform on piccolo trumpet in Baroque settings, performing Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 at the Bargemusic series, and in Bach's Mass in B Minor at St Peter's Church.
Other collaborators have included: Mary Halvorson, Dave Taylor, John Zorn, Okkyung Lee, Taylor Ho Bynum, Perry Robinson, Jim Black, Evan Parker, Ned Rothenberg, Mark Gould, Jack Wright, Luka Ivanovic, Brian Chase, and Alan Kay.
Recent travels have brought Peter to venues and festivals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the UK, and Southeast Asia.
Recordings include ´More is More´, a solo trumpet album on psi, the self-titled first album of the Peter Evans Quartet (firehouse12), and ´Shamokin!´, the second album by MOPDTK, on HotCup Records. In 2006, Evans´ solo trumpet album ´More is More´ was voted among the Top 50 Records of the Year by polled critics of ´The Wire´.

Friday 7 November 2008 | 2nd Act

Anthony Pateras prepared piano
Lê Quan Ninh percussion

The first encounter on stage in Berlin of two highly acclaimed artists on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music".

Anthony Pateras Born in 1979, Anthony Pateras is a musician and composer based in Melbourne, Australia.
He is a specialist in prepared piano, works extensively with live electronics and writes music for ensembles, orchestras and> Described as a "remarkable new voice" by the LA Times after his solo performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2006, Pateras performs frequently throughout Europe and Australasia, recent highlights including the Sydney Opera House with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (Berlin) opening for The Necks, his long-running electronics/voice duo with Robin Fox at Musique Action 2007 (Nancy), and festival engagements in Venice, Prague and Marseille with his free music trio Pateras/Baxter/Brown.
His composed works have received performances from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Percussion Group The Hague, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Vanessa Tomlinson, Flux String Quartet and Slave Pianos. He has collaborated with distinguished conductors such as James McMillan, Brett Dean and Markus Stenz, and released his second portrait disc for John Zorn's Tzadik label in August 2008. He was the recipient of the 2007 Ian Potter Fellowship, and in 2009, concerts of his entire works for percussion will be staged at the Melbourne Recital Centre and Brisbane Powerhouse.
Pateras has appeared alongside some of the most intrepid improvisers working today, including Paul Lovens, Tony Buck, Jérome Nôetinger, Clayton Thomas, Thomas Lehn, Natasha Anderson, Johannes Bauer and Anthony Burr. He performed with percussion virtuoso Pedro Carniero at London's ICA in 2007, and has recently commenced ongoing projects with visual artist Marco Fusinato and grind drummer Max Kohane (PIVIXKI)
Solo, he has performed his landmark work ´Chasms´ from Fundaçao Serralves in Porto to the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. The recording of that work has been listed as the best album of 2007 in ´The Wire´. Pateras' prepared piano work was also featured on the soundtrack to the film Wolf Creek, his own film music having played at Cannes, Sundance, Telluride, Palm Springs and São Paulo film festivals amongst others; his soundtrack for Eron Sheean's Bing winning the best music award at the 2003 Dresden Film Festival.
Pateras was the artistic director of the 2008 Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music and has contributed works to sound exhibitions at West Space Melbourne, San Francisco MOMA and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Releases in 2008 include a track with Oren Ambarchi (Southern Lord), his third album with electronic artist Robin Fox (Editions Mego) and both studio and live albums from Pateras/Baxter/Brown ( and Cave 12).
Compositions had been commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Percussion Group The Hague, Melbourne International Arts Festival, What is Music? Festival, Astra Chamber Music Society, Tzadik.
"Preparing every single note, Pateras transforms the piano into a percussive, pseudo-electronic psycho-acoustic beast. With a style incorporating hyperactive changes between extended and standard strategies, he has developed as performance language that simultaneously embraces and berates virtuosic pianistic technique. Pateras tests the limits of his keyboard preparations with a breakneck agility, matching his seemingly unlimited sonic vocabulary to a succession of different performance styles." (Jim Knox, Realtime Magazine

Lê Quan Ninh
Born in Paris in 1961. Lê Quan Ninh began piano studies when he was 5, and percussion studies as a teenager. At 16, he entered the Conservatoire de Versailles in Sylvio Gualda´s class. Four years later, he won first prize (graduation). Other than formal training, he developed a keen interest in improvisation through numerous concerts in Paris and its suburbs. After the conservatory, he taught percussion for 3 years, and performed in several contemporary music ensembles, and with dance and theater companies. However, he still persisted with self-taught free improvisational techniques, and encounters with guitarist Jean-Christophe Aveline, clarinetist Misha Lobko, and saxophonist Daunik Lazro encouraged his improvisatory exploration. Together, Ninh and Daunik worked in Blois with the ´Compagnie du Hasard´, directed by Nicolas Peskine. Michel Doneda joined the company during a 1986 tour in Poland, and the newly formed trio continued to work with the company and give numerous concerts in Europe before becoming ´Les Diseurs de Musique´, a quartet with the poet Serge Pey.
Since 1986 he is a member of the percussion ensemble ´Quatuor Helios´ which premieres new pieces mixing percussion, theatre, and new technology. In 1987, Ninh met bassist Peter Kowald during the Free Music Festival in Antwerpen, organized then by pianist Fred Van Hove. Peter invited Ninh often to participate in Global Village-groups featuring improvisers from different cultures, such as Kazue Sawai, Sainkho Namtchylak, Seizan Matsuda, Zeena Parkins, Junko Ueda, Ishii Mitsutaka, Wadada Leo Smith, Savina Yanatou, India Cooke, Xu Feng Xia, to name but a few. Around the same period, he participated in several Conductions of Lawrence ´Butch´ Morris (in Kassel, Istanbul, Verona, Munich, Sevilla, etc.), some of which have been released on CD´s. He has participated in numerous encounters in Europe and America, and plays regularly in ensembles in forms which mix acoustic and electroacoustic music, improvisation, performance art, dance, poetry, experimental cinema, photography, video, and more. From 1992 to 2002, he was engaged in the organisation and presentation of improvisation in relation to other art forms (´Association La Filibuste´) with which he presented almost 140 artistic events in the area of Toulouse. In 1993, Quatuor Helios´s request of a new work of interactive computer music by George Lewis sparked the beginning of a long work with computers. Since then, many programming experiences have been realized which focus toward the interaction between acoustic instruments and the computer in improvisations. Further collaborations include dancers like Iwana Masaki, Valérie Métivier, Nakamura Yukiko, Michel Raji, Pascal Delhay, Olivia Grandville, Franck Beaubois and Patricia Kuypers.
In 2000, he introduced the first two projects of a series called ´Umwelt´, based on the work of the ethologist Jakob von Uexküll. In 2003, he was artist- in-residence in Biel (Switzerland) and worked with many Swiss musicians, dancers and video artists.
With the cellist Martine Altenburger, he founded in 2006 the ´Ensemble Hiatus´, a contemporary music ensemble, the majority of whose members are at the same time interpreters and improvisers. Extensive discography, among them: FMP CD 068 Open Paper Tree, FMP 077 Burning Cloud, FMP 094 Cuts.


Friday 7 November 2008 | 3rd Act

Manfred Schoof trumpet
Gerd Dudek tenor & soprano saxophones
John Edwards double bass
Günter ´Baby´ Sommer (dr, perc)

They have revolutionised European Jazz and Free Music in the 60´s, and have greatly contributed as innovators to it ever since.
On the special occasion of "40 Years of Improvised Music" we welcome to Berlin the German pioneers and master musicians of the West and East, joined by Britain´s leading bassist of the younger generation, John Edwards.

Manfred Schoof
Born 6 April 1936 in Magdeburg, he studied trumpet and piano at the Music Academy at Kassel and at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, taking jazz classes with Kurt Edelhagen and compositional studies with Bernd Alois Zimmermann. At the same time, Schoof began touring with Gunter Hampel and his legendary ´Heartplants-Quintet´ of 1964, featuring Alexander von Schlippenbach, Buschi Niebergall and Pierre Courbois. In 1965, Schoof created his first Free Jazz Quintet with Gerd Dudek, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Buschi Niebergall and Jaki Liebezeit. It was to become the foundation for another band he formed in 1969, the Manfred Schoof Orchestra, featuring Gerd Dudek, Evan Parker, Fred Van Hove, Irène Schweizer, Enrico Rava, and many others. In 1969, he joined the George Russell Sextet and stayed with the band until 1971.
He has performed and recorded worldwide with the Globe Unity Orchestra (since 1966 to the present), the New Jazz Trio (Manfred Schoof, Peter Trunk, Cees See), with Jasper Van't Hof, the George Gruntz Concert Jazzband, European Jazzensemble, Old Friends.
He has been serving as professor at the Musikhochschule Cologne since 1990. Since 1992 he is a member of the board of directors of the German Composers Association; since 1994 a member of the supervisory board of GEMA. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross of the Federal Government of Germany in 2006 in recognition of his "essential contribution to the development of an attractive image of Germany within a musical genre that people generally associate with open-mindedness and freedom".
He has been working as composer and arranger for all German and many other European Broadcasting Orchestras, and since 1970 also for film and television.

Gerd Dudek
Born 28 September 1938 in Groß Döbbern near Breslau, now Poland. Like his musical companion and friend Manfred Schoof he has become a household name since the 60´s as one of the most innovative and influential musicians of the European Jazz scenery. Only few artists have contributed to German Jazz/Free Jazz and Improvised music so enduringly as has Gerd Dudek.
He is a member of the Globe Unity Orchestra since its beginnings in 1966; he has been a member of the German All Stars, and has toured the world many times with both ensembles, documented on various recordings. He has been working also with George Russell and Don Cherry, played in Albert Mangelsdorff´s quintet, in quartet with Alan Skidmore (who is invited to Jazzfest Berlin this year) and Adelhard Roidinger and has co-founded the European Jazz Quintet together with Ali Haurand, with whom he lines-up also in other groupings (f.e. with Rob van den Broeck and Tony Oxley). Extensive discography, among them recordings with Lester Bowie, Joachim Kühn, Dexter Gordon, Vitold Rek, Peter Giger and solo-releases. First TMM-appearance of Dudek in 1973; latest TMM-appearance of Gerd Dudek had been in 2005 with Markus Lüpertz´ band featuring Manfred Schoof, Frank Wollny, Frank Köllges, Jesus Canneloni, Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Peter Sandkaulen.

Günter ´Baby´ Sommer
Born 25 August 1943 in Dresden, is one of the pioneers of contemporary European Jazz and Improvised Music. He has developed a unique vocabulary which won him international recognition.

He belongs to the founder-generation of New Jazz in the GDR with groupings such as ´Synopsis´(featuring Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Conny Bauer and Uli Gumpert).
In the early 80´s he has been a member of Fred Van Hove´s famous quartet MLDD4 (with Mark Charig and Philipp Wachsmann).
Since the 80´s he also collaborates with dancers and actors, film directors and playrights.
In November 2005 Günter ´Baby´ Sommer played in trio with bassist Barre Phillips and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith at TMM - a musical re-union with the latter after 23 years which was celebrated with standing ovations and inspired them to intensified duo-work. In 2007 he performed at TMM together with the painter and film director Strawalde/Jürgen, joined by Lucas Böttcher (vj).
Sommer, the ´drumming story-teller´, also frequently collaborates with authors like Christa Wolf, Christoph Hein and Günter Grass.

Saturday 8 November 2008 | 19.30 hrs

Alvin Curran TransDadaExpress (extraordinary renderings) solo performance
For the first time appearing at a Total Music Meeting, and especially joining us this year on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music in Berlin".
Born 13 December 1938 in Providence, Rhode Island. From five years: piano lessons, trombone, marching bands, Synagogue chants, Jazz, and his father´s dance bands. Becomes an artist at age 13 in an apple tree at the house of his lifelong friend, poet Clark Coolidge. Hears Spike Jones, the Rhode Island Philharmonic, Satchmo, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Art Tatum, Charlie Parker, The Band of America, Thelonius Monk, Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Béla Bartók and Christian Wolff. Studies composition with Ron Nelson (B.A. Brown University 1960) and with Elliott Carter and Mel Powell (M.Mus., Yale School of Music l963). Continues studies and friendship with Carter in Berlin (1964 Ford Foundation Grant), meets Stravinsky, Xenakis, Berio, Yuji Takahashi, Andriessen, Remo Remotti, and above all Frederic Rzewski. Goes to Darmstadt, hangs with Babbitt and Earl Brown, hears Stockhausen and Ligeti. Goes to Rome with Joel Chadabe and plays piano in bars on via Veneto, meets Franco Evangelisti and Cornelius Cardew.
In the Musica Elettronica Viva years (1966 -1971 in Rome), performs in over 200 concerts in Europe and the USA with Richard Teitelbaum and Frederic Rzewski, Carol Plantamura, Ivan Vandor, Alan Bryant and Jon Phetteplace; and makes significant artistic encounters with: Giuseppe Chiari, Edith Schloss, AMM, Cardew, Steve Lacy, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Steve ben Israel, Anthony Braxton, Simone Forti, Steve Reich, Joan La Barbara, Michael Nyman, La Monte Young, Trisha Brown, Ashley, Behrman, Alvin Lucier, Larry Austin, Bill Smith, Robert Moog, Nuova Consonanza, Maria Monti, Prima Materia, Phil Glass, Charlemagne Palestine, Terry Riley, George Lewis, Evan Parker, Gregory Reeves, Serge Tcherepnin, John Cage, David Tudor, Morton Feldman. Giacinto Scelsi becomes his friend and mentor.
"Democratic, irreverent and traditionally experimental, Curran is dedicated to the restoration of dignity to the profession of making non-commercial music as part of a personal search for future social, political and spiritual forms."

The renowned film director Claudia von Alemann has been documenting some of Alvin Curran´s projects in previous years, either in Italy, France, England or Germany, among them the open air-presentation of ´Oh Brass´, realised on the occasion of the Donaueschinger Musiktage in 2006 with hundreds of brass-players. She will also be present at TMM 2008 for the shooting of Alvin´s TransDadaExpress and other concert performances.

Saturday 8 November 2008 | 2nd Act

Joined by the artist SARAH B. ECKEL
Ronit Kirchman
violin, live electronics
Philipp Wachsmann violin, live electronics
Paul Lytton dr, perc, live electronics
Sarah B. Eckel action painting

An electrifying encounter of free music and painting performed by eminent artists who join forces for the first time on the occasion of "40 Years of Improvised Music" in Berlin. Philipp Wachsmann maintains (among many other groupings) a regular duo with Paul Lytton; he has performed many times in multimedia settings with painter Sarah B. Eckel, and has played in different line-ups with Ronit Kirchman.

Ronit Kirchman
Born in 1974. Lives in Los Angeles. Ronit is a classically trained violinist who has always been drawn to innovation, experimentation and improvisation. She holds degrees from Yale University (B.A., magna cum laude with distinction) and CalArts (M.F.A., Composition-New Media), and has studied music with many respected teachers including James Tenney, Mark Trayle, Wadada Leo Smith, David Rosenboom, Tom Erbe, Jacqueline Bobak, John Bergamo, Erick Friedman, Zvi Zeitlin, Swapan Chaudhuri and Sara Roberts. ,

She has also studied poetry and versification with John Hollander and Penelope Laurans, and fine art with David Pease, Bernard Chaet and John Walker.
Her concert performance instruments include violin, voice, 7-string electric Viper, guitars and electronics. Ronit is also an author. At Yale in 1995, she published a book of her satirical newspaper cartoons entitled ´Humph!: The Book´ and in 2001, at the end of her masters' work at CalArts, published ´Staying True´, a limited-edition selection of her essays and poems on music process.

Her compositions include film scores, songs, concert works, music for theatre and dance, and audiovisual computer compositions and installations. Ronit has scored many films which have been broadcast and screened around the world at prestigious festivals including Sundance, Tribeca and the IFP/LA Film Festival.
Ronit's film work spans a wide variety of styles and approaches, from large-ensemble orchestral writing to innovative electric-acoustic hybrids and accessible songs.
She has recently completed scores for the comedy feature Pants On Fire (dir. Colin Campbell) and The Golden Age Of Fish (dir. Kevin Everson) which had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2008.

Ronit's theatre scores include a chamber opera and productions at the Lincoln Center Theater Directors' Lab, Target Margin Theater and Peculiar Works in New York City. She also has worked as a music director and sound designer for various theatrical productions.
Her concert works include ´Reparts´, an orchestral piece which was premiered by the New Century Players of Los Angeles, and ´Departures´, which pairs a jazz ensemble with live programmed computer instruments, using narrative and visual film elements as the framework for improvisation.
She has performed in a wide variety of contexts, from Carnegie Hall to tiny clubs, in experimental, classical, jazz, rock, blues and country groups. She routinely adds new instruments to her vocabulary when performing as a musician on her own film scores. Ronit performs internationally and has played and recorded in the U.S., Canada and Europe with such notable artists as Nels Cline, Fred Frith, the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Anne LeBaron, Bertram Turetzky, Wolfgang Fuchs, Torsten Müller, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Philipp Wachsmann, Peggy Lee, Mark Trayle, Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia and the Golia Large Ensemble and alt-country band Hem among many others. International festival appearances include Vancouver Jazz Festival, TMM 2003 (Berlin), Polestar (Seattle) and line space line (LA). She has produced, arranged and performed on records on the Dreamworks, a/l/l, Nine Winds, pfMentum, and others.

Philipp Wachsmann
Born 5 August 1944 in Kampala, Uganda. His father, Klaus P. Wachsmann, was one of the trailblazers of ethnomusicology and Phil grew up listening to some of the greatest players and singers of African tribal music. He continued his musical education in England and France with teachers Isolde Menges and Nadia Boulanger and in 1965 was awarded a scholarship to study composition at the University of Indiana. While in America he made contact with composer Harry Partch, another significant influence, and also immersed himself in the music of Varèse and Ives. Back in England, Wachsmann was active between 1969 and 1972 on the new music circuit, playing works by Stockhausen, Cage and Cornelius Cardew amongst others. The transition from aleatoric music to improvisation was a natural one. Improvisors with whom he has worked include Paul Lytton, Barry Guy, Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Howard Riley, Paul Rutherford, Phil Minton, Paul Lovens, Radu Malfatti, Irène Schweizer, Rudiger Carl, Wolfgang Fuchs, Mario Schiano, Mats Gustafsson and very many others. Amongst the first of the improvisers to integrate electronic treatments as more than special effects in the music, Wachsmann today uses electronic processing to expand, usually discreetly, his instrumental palette, or to create additional voices. As partner Lytton explains: "Through his use of electronics, Phil is able to generate backgrounds - and foregrounds - as well as playing his instrument, so there´s the sense that you´re hearing a trio rather than a duo, and this gives the music other dimensions."
Philipp Wachsmann has also performed and/or recorded with: Derek Bailey´s ´Company´; Georg Graewe; Barry Guy; ´Iskra 1903´; ´King Übü Orchestrü´; ´London Jazz Composers´ Orchestra´; Keith Tippett´s ´Ark´; Evan Parker, particularly as part of the Evan Parker ´Electro-Acoustic Ensemble´; ´Quintet Moderne´; Fred Van Hove´s ´ML DD 4´; Rüdiger Carl´s COWWS Quintet; and ´Lines´ (with Martin Blume, Jim Denley, Axel Dörner and Marcio Mattos). He also plays as a solo musician/performer. Wachsmann has recorded for Incus, FMP, a/l/l, Unit, ITM Classics, Po Torch, RE, RA, bpa, CIMP, CJR, LR, Hat Art, FMR, NWM, ECM, psi, EMANEM as well as his own Bead imprint. His discography spans a period of now 35 years. ( /

Paul Lytton
Born 8 March 1947 in London. He built his first drum kit while in his early teens and was very quick to spot the potential that live electronics offered to free improvisation. As a drummer, he was initially inspired by the work of Elvin Jones with the Coltrane quartet. Became interested in European improvised music through contact with musicians such as Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley. Founder member of the London Musician´s Co-op in 1970 and of the Aachen Musicians´ Co-op in 1976. Has free lanced on the European scene with most of the established players in different combinations. Philipp Wachsmann, who has been playing with the drummer, off and on, for more than 20 years says "Paul´s sense of timing continues to amaze me."
Present activities with Evan Parker and Barry Guy, Evan Parker´s Electronic Project, Barry Guy New Orchestra, King Übü Örchestrü, Marilyn Crispell, Phil Wachsmann, Ken Vandermark, solo work. Member of Globe Unity Orchestra in 2006. Tours, concerts, radio in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan. Extensive discography. ( /

Sarah B. Eckel
The painter´s interest in music and literature has led her to participate in many cross-media performances, often in collaboration with Philipp Wachsmann. The strong bond which develops in the working process - she calls it Open Working - through the subtle interaction of the arts eventually generate a new "aggregate state of contemplation" (Gisela Burkamp). Both languages, the musical and the visual language, are beyond words. Their structural, therefore most important and identity-producing element within the process of creation is however beyond sight and sound: it´s time.
Sarah B. Eckel has had many exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Düsseldorf, Oerlinghausen, Leipzig, Frankfurt/M., Darmstadt, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart Paris, Avignon and Huelgoat, Brittany.
She has created also large-sized wall paintings, etchings and stage settings for Goethe´s ´Urfaust´ and Korngold´s ´Violanta´ (in collaboration with Gert Eckel), commissioned by the Staatstheater Darmstadt and the Staatsoper Darmstadt. She has published many books with her etchings in Germany and France. Since 1998 she is working also as Online-editor for, and has founded in 1999 the Joly-Weinberg Publishing House editing artbooks, poems and prose from Brittany. She is living and working in Berlin and France.


Saturday 8 November 2008 | 3rd Act

Evan Parker tenor & soprano saxophones
Peter Evans trumpet
Adam Linson double bass
Richard Barrett sampling keyboard, live electronics

For the first time performing in Berlin on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised
Music": Evan Parker´s superb quartet that has attracted much attention from the start.

Evan Parker
Born 5 April 1944 in Bristol. Parker is considered to be the most innovative contemporary saxophonist in Europe and is known for his unique style of improvisation, particularly on soprano saxophone. His work includes solo concerts, collaborations involving live-electronics and even interpretations of contemporary compositions by Bryars, Nyman and Rzewski. He plays in a myriad of duo- and trio settings (with Barry Guy and Paul Lytton, Alexander von Schlippenbach and Paul Lovens) and larger groups such as the Globe Unity Orchestra and the London Jazz composers´ Orchestra. In 2004 he and Roscoe Mitchell co-founded the Transatlantic Art Ensemble, "featuring him as composer conductor, guiding the transatlantic instrumental forces into chamber orchestral territory somewhere between Gil Evans and Luigi Nono" (Steve Lake, ECM).

In 1968 Evan Parker had contributed to the newly established TMM, together with Fred Van Hove, Manfred Schoof and many others, and has since then regularly performed at TMM. His body of work is too comprehensive and multi-facetted to be put in a nutshell, so we content ourselves with saying: Evan Parker is a great master and one of the most influential and authoritative artists within the European and international Improvising Music scene.

Peter Evans
see Friday 7 November

Adam Linson
see Thursday 6 November

Richard Barrett
Born in 1959 in Swansea, Wales, Richard Barrett gained an honours degree in Genetics and Microbiology from UCL before studying composition privately with Peter Wiegold and also at the 1984 Darmstädter Summer Courses with Brian Ferneyhough and Hans-Joachim Hespos. His compositions have won the Kranichsteiner Musikpreis (1986), Gaudeamusprijs (1989, for the string quartet ´I Open and Close´) and the inaugural British Composer Award for chamber music (2003, for the string quartet ´13 Selfportraits´). In 2005 his BBC commission for Symphony Orchestra ´No´ was one of the works nominated for the BBC Radio 3 Listeners´ Award and his 1994 work ´Vanity´ has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most important orchestral scores of the 1990´s. He taught electronic composition and performance in the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague from 1996 to 2001; during 2001-02 he was a guest of the DAAD Berlin Artists´ Programme, remaining in Berlin until 2006. In early 2006 Richard was appointed as a research professor at Brunel University, London, joining its Centre for Contemporary Music Practice and thus becoming part of one of the most important music departments in UK Higher Education.
He has had works performed by artists such as Maurizio Barbetti (viola), Pascal Gallois (bassoon), Andrew Sparling (clarinet), Michael Finnissy, Mark Knoop, Ian Pace, Jonathan Powell, (piano), Barrie Webb (trombone), Jonny Axelsson (percussion), Mieko Kanno (violin), Friedrich Gauwerky, Gabriel Prynn, Frances-Marie Uitti (cello), Arditti String Quartet, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Cikada, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, Elision, Ensemble Exposé, Ensemble InterContemporain, Ensemble L'Itinéraire, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Mosaik, Kairos Quartett, Klangforum Wien, Libra, London Sinfonietta, Nieuw Ensemble and Topologies. In 1997 he was the composer-in-residence for Ensemble Champ d'Action and in 1998 he was a featured composer at the Festival Ars Musica (Brussels) and Gaudeamus (Amsterdam). Of central importance is his collaboration with the Elision Ensemble, for whom he has written ´Another Heavenly Day´ (1989-90), ´Negatives´ (1988-92), `Opening of the Mouth´ (1992-97) and ´Transmission´ (1996-99), as well as the evening-long ´Dark Matter´ (1990-2003) for Elision together with the Norwegian Cikada Ensemble and artist Per Inge Bjørlo which has so far received performances in Berlin, Brisbane and Oslo.
His compositions have featured in festivals such as Bath Festival, Cheltenham International Festival, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Gaudeamus (Amsterdam), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Images sonores (Liège), Musica (Strasbourg), Nieuwe Stemmen (Leuven), Présences (Paris), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Tage für neue Musik Zürich, Ultima (Oslo), Ultraschall (Berlin), Warsaw Autumn, Wien Modern, 0903 (Auckland) and many others.
Recent projects include ´Illuminer le temps´ for ensemble, premiered by MusikFabrik in Cologne in March 2006. Present projects include ´Mesopotamia´ for 17 instruments and electronics, commissioned by the London Sinfonietta, and a two-hour music-theatre/installation work entitled ´Construction´, commissioned by Liverpool City of Culture 2008 for Elision, conducted by Christian Eggen.
Richard is also a dedicated performer and, together with Roger Redgate, founded the UK based Ensemble Exposé (and acted as co-director from its foundation in 1984 until 1993) as well as being a founder member of the artistic board of the Hermes Ensemble. He has also been a jury member for both the Gaudeamus Composer's Competition and the Civitella Ranieri Fellowship.
Richard Barrett also continues his nineteen-year collaboration with Paul Obermayer in the electronic duo ´Furt´ and performs regularly with vocalist Ute Wassermann, saxophonist Evan Parker, bassist Adam Linson, cellist Arne Deforce and numerous ensembles from both compositional and improvisational areas, including the ´Furt´-based vocal/instrumental/electronic octet ´fORCH´, which gave its first performances in Germany and Switzerland in late 2005. His work as composer and performer is documented on over 20 CD´s, including four discs devoted to his compositions and four by ´Furt´.
Richard has contributed articles to over twenty publications and is also well-known as a record producer for contemporary music recordings.

Sunday 9 November 2008 | 12.00 hrs Matinee

German avant-premiere
Luxembourg 2008
A portrait of jazz drummer and composer Sunny Murray
A film by Antoine Prum
Director of Photography: Camille Cottagnoud
Produced by Paul Thiltges, with the support of the Luxembourg Film Fund
106 min., colour, HD Video/35mm, ov (English/French)
Shot on location in London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia and Düdelingen
Featuring (among others) the Sunny Murray Trio with Tony Bevan (bs) and John Edwards (b).

The director will be present for q/a

Let´s go on. Like Louis Pasteur.
They ain´t fucked with the milk since then,
Except maybe diluted it a little bit.

Sunny Murray

The documentary feature SUNNY`S TIME NOW recounts the public career of an outstanding avant-garde musician: American jazz drummer and composer Sunny Murray, one of Free Jazz´s most influential figures in the 1960s and 70s. More than just a historical approach, the film depicts Murray´s current agenda by following him on his gigs while showing the daily struggle to perpetuate a musical genre that is to a certain extent still ignored by the public at large.
By interviewing a number of important figures of the so-called ´New Thing´ scene who, at one time or another, have crossed Murray´s path from the beginning of the 1960s to this day, the documentary follows the changing symbiotic relationship between the libertarian music movement and the political events of an era when social claims found a particularly creative echo in the realm of music.
With libertarian ideas wearing out and quieting down in the following decades, the most radical forms of musical expression were soon to disappear from the spotlight. But while the rock scene was quick to adopt a more pragmatic stance to suit its financial interests, the New Thing diehards ultimately found themselves excluded from the big production and distribution networks..
In its attempt to capture the main protagonist´s life and career, the film dwells on the small and near-clandestine community of unrepentant Free Jazz aficionados who go on worshipping the gods of their musical youth. Their unfaltering support has permitted this music scene - of which Sunny Murray is one of the few still active figures - to live on.
Among the interview partners for SUNNY`S TIME NOW are Tony Bevan (ts, bs), Bobby Few (p), Fritz Novotny (cl, fl, oboe, ss), Grachan Moncur III (tb, b), Tony Oxley (dr), William Parker (b), Cecil Taylor (p), François Tusques (p), Jacques Bisceglia (jazz-photographer), Daniel Caux (musicologist, journalist, homme de radio and festival organiser; † 12 July 2008), Tony Herrington (editor-in-chief and publisher of The Wire Magazine), Ekkehard Jost (musicologist, writer and saxophonist), Edwin Pouncey (music writer and cartoonist), Delfeil de Ton (writer and columnist of ´Nouvel Observateur), Val Wilmer (jazz-photographer and writer) and Robert Wyatt (dr, voice).

"And when I play they know I exist, and it leaves a space when I go."
Sunny Murray

Antoine Prum
Born 1963 in Luxembourg, lives in Berlin.
Objects, installations, films. Has realized since 1994 many visual art projects exhibited in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Japan and Australia. Comprehensive bibliography. Has been an artist-in-residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in 2001/2002.
Two recent shows are ´Mort de rire´ (6 June - 28 September 2008) at La Panacée, Montpellier) and ´Et tout pour les manges-tripes! (7 June - 21 September 2008) at Musée PAB, Alès.
Filmography: (2008): SUNNY`S TIME NOW.
In production: Halberstadt. Filmessay on the ´Stendhal syndrome´ in relation to the discovery of the Halberstadt Cathedral, one of the most outstanding examples of Gothic period architecture in Northern Germany.
In production: Stadt der Justiz. A portrait of Luxembourg-born architects and urbanists Léon and Rob Krier, internationally renowned advocates of a post-modernist streak of historicist-oriented urbanism. 45´, HD video.
(2005): Mondo Veneziano. Splatter art movie for the Luxembourg Pavilion at the 51st Biennale of Venice, 33´HD video/35 mm.
(2004): Tour de Force. Documentary on the World´s Strongest Man on tour in Russia. 80´, 35 mm, co-directed with Boris Kremer.

Sunday 9. November 2008 | 15.30 hrs

In concert: Pupils of the Stechlinsee-Elementary School Improvise
Presentation of the Audio-Project ´Die ruhige Schieldkröte´.
Ld: Ariel Shibolet (ss), assisted by Wolfgang Fuchs (cbcl, bcl, ssi) and Klaus Emrich (music teacher).

Sometimes a concert has direct repercussions on teaching. Attending Total Music Meeting in 2007 I have had the chance to hear also the Tel-Aviv based sopranosaxophonist Ariel Shibolet who rendered a superb solo-performance. We later met and talked and discovered that we have something important in common: Working with kids. As he had published recently a children´s book based on his approach and understanding of improvised music, I took it to school, showed it the kids, and soon we got into a discussion about improvised music which eventually produced remarkable results, after a year almost spent with reading and writing, questioning and playing. They also corresponded with Ariel, asking him many (and often surprising) questions about his music..
With the support of the Berlin Projectfonds for Cultural Education we were able to invite Ariel to come to Berlin anew, to finally meet ´his´ pupils whose musical mentor he had meanhwile become. He will work with them for a certain period of time, and together they will eventually present themselves on Sunday, 9 November, in a 10-minutes debut concert.

Berlin-based reedist Wolfgang Fuchs has agreed to assist in further deepening the kids understanding of improvised music beforehand by giving them regular music lessons over a period of 10 weeks, including the ´postproduction´ and discussion of what has been achieved by analyzing the footage of the rehearsals and the final concert.
This complex work-in-progress is a unique opportunity to empower the kids by developing their musical talents and enhancing their communicative capacities, as the kernel of improvised music is: communication.
Klaus Emrich

Ariel Shibolet
Born 1972 in Ramat Gan, Israel, lives in Tel-Aviv. He received a classical music education and learnt the cello, then switched to sopranosaxophone. He is a key member of the Israeli free jazz and improvising scene and one of the most interesting reed-player of the younger generation worldwide. Inspired by Evan Parker, Steve Lacy and Anthony Braxton he has developed his own sound vocabulary "which is the work of a poet" (Joel Pagier). He has collaborated with almost all improvising musicians in Israel and has toured the US and Germany in 2004 and 2005, where he performed with musicians like Damon Smith, Scott R. Looney, Nory Jacoby, Jerome Bryerton, Aurora Josephson, Jen Baker, Wolfgang Fuchs, Birgit Uhler and Klaus Janek. His music has been released on labels in Israel, USA and England. Founder of the first Israeli Improviser Orchestra, curator and producer of many musical events in Israel. He might be best known abroad for his recording ´Metal Tube & Consciousness´ (released on Leo Records). Shibolet, who testified in a recent interview that his favorite contemporary musicians are pianist Cecil Taylor, reed player Evan Parker, and thelate bassist Peter Kowald, all of whom made some groundbreaking solo works, is preoccupied in the small changes in sound and music and the listening experience. "When a player creates a smaller change than the listener can notice consciously and then continues to add identical changes, at what point in time will the listener start to notice these changes consciously?" he asks in his liner notes, and answers, "Interesting things can happen in that special period of time when the changes are not being consciously noticed, but only experienced." (Eyal Hareuveni, Allaboutjazz)
Trained also as Feldenkrais-teacher and working with children according to methods he himself has developed, winning him critical acclaim and wide recognition in the field of music therapy. Inspired by his music a children´s book has been published in Israel recently, describing the experience of a turtle when listening to music, ranging from solo performances up to a complex orchestra.

Sunday 9 November 2008 | 16.00 h


Workshop 1: Ronit Kirchman (11/05 - 11/09)
Workshop 2: Anthony Pateras (11/07-11/09)

The participants of the workshops and the workshop-leaders line-up for the closing concert of TMM 2008 on the occasion of "40 Years Of Improvised Music in Berlin".

WORKSHOP 1: Ronit Kirchman


In what is often called musical improvisation, which I suggest we call "free musical speech", we transform ethereal and abstract as well as psychological, interpersonal and primal understanding into a world of ever-changing physical and concrete experiences. This act of free musical speech is one of many ways to make evident the dance of life and consciousness through the gifts of human observation, perception and action.
The workshop will contribute to the expansion of formal musical concepts and real-time comprehension, add new possibilities to the languages of musical expression through conscious application, and breathe love into our mutual interactions as artists.
The most important prerequisite for participation is a willingness to experience music beyond preconceived ideas of form, as well as a willingness to embrace whatever articles of form emerge in the course of the exercise without judgment.
Please bring an instrument you feel is like a part of your body, an extension of your expression - an instrument which feels like second nature to play. In this way we can begin to evolve the ´mother tongue´ in a very direct way. You may also choose to bring an instrument with which you are only somewhat familiar, so that the struggle to make sound which translates your experiences is magnified..
Each day´s experiment will build on the previous days, not necessarily in a linear way. This workshop is a laboratory in which we seek to learn what we may not even know to ask.

Open to all improvisers on any and all instruments, including the human voice, computers, cash registers, bicycles, fabrics, etc.
Please bring your instrument, or anything necessary for you to improvise.

Open to all improvisers on any and all instruments, including the human voice, computers, cash registers, bicycles, fabrics, etc.
Please bring your instrument, or anything necessary for you to improvise.

Max of participants: 15
Workshop-schedule (Workshop 1):
Wednesday, 11/05 - Saturday, 11/08, daily from 11.00 - 14.00 hrs
Sunday, 11/09, 14.00 -17.00 hrs (set-up, soundcheck, concert performance)

The workshop will take place at Kulturhaus Mitte, Auguststr. 21, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
Tel. 030-288884433

The final concert will take place at our festival venue Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Registration fee Workshop 1: Ronit Kirchman EUR 65 / with festivalpass EUR 100 (valid for all concerts on 11/06, 07, and 08) and for all exhibitions at Berlinische Galerie. Opening hours: 10.00 - 24.00 hrs

Biography Ronit Kirchman
See TMM-programme, Saturday, 11/08

WORKSHOP 2: Anthony Pateras

3-days-workshop led by Anthony Pateras
for all instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, improvisers and their kind

The distinction between composing and improvising is becoming harder to define, as everyone in the create music circles approaches their practise differently. Being a composer and improviser myself, I have found that as I do more of both, the boundaries in between the two begin to erode. Improvising is essentially composing in real-time, and composition always involves a certain degree of spontaneity.
So is the difference really only the amount of time it takes? Can compositional rigour be achieved with simply a great player´s knowledge and technique? Can improvisational fluidity be formulated without sounding predictable and stayed?
he workshop will examine these questions through the discussion and practice of real-time performance strategies, a dissection of the mental process behind improvisation and a focus on developing effective form in real time. This will be done with a mixture of discussion and playing, with a priority on playing! Daily, proceedings will be concluded with a brief listening/discussion session of 20th and 21st century avant-garde favourites from my iPod.

Max of participants: 15
Workshop-schedule (Workshop 2):
Friday, 11/07, 10.00 - 13.30 hrs
Saturday, 11/08, 12.00 - 16.00 hrs
Sunday, 11/09, 14.00 -17.00 hrs (set-up, soundcheck, concert performance)

The workshop will take place at Kulturhaus Mitte, Auguststr. 21, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
Tel. 030-288884433

The final concert will take place at our festival venue Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Registration fee Workshop 2: Anthony Pateras
EUR 65 / with festivalpass EUR 100 (valid for all concerts on 11/06, 07, and 08) and for all exhibitions at Berlinische Galerie. Opening hours: 10.00 - 24. hr

Biography Anthony Pateras
see TMM-programme, Friday, 11/07


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